1. Hello! I have been watching your videos for a while and while I know you have said that your symptoms are improving, I wanted to let you know that you can train Harlow to alert to your reactions. I know you were training her to alert to when you get a rash, but I was doing research (it was for my own allergic reactions and my SD) and found that some people have been training their dogs to alert about 15 min before a reaction because they can smell when your mediator levels are increasing. IDK, maybe that could help you better manage your symptoms?

  2. I have EDS, mass cell, POTS, kyphoscoliosis, fibromyalgia, 3 stomach and esophageal hernias which cause a lot of GP symptoms, I wish I could treat my health like you but my 3 under 3 baby boys make it impossible so I am getting worse. Foot drop, urinary retention and catheters and wrist drop 😔😔😔

  3. Your an inspiration. Imma gastroparesis patient myself but I'm having a hard time finding treatment options in my little small town of Salisbury Maryland I go to a gastroenterologist doctor kanwar at Peninsula gastroenterology and then I went for a second opinion at a gastroenterologist in Delmar Maryland both of which has said there are no treatment options for me as far as nausea and vomiting go I went from 250 lb down to 155 pounds in a matter of months and I'm still being told that there's no treatment options for the nausea and vomiting part of the gastroparesis and that there ain't enough medical evidence for my doctor to feel comfortable putting me on CBD oil or IV anti-nausea meds I have two broken teeth because of all the vomiting I'm wasting away and nobody wants to do anything now my primary care physician at Chesapeake Health Care again in Salisbury Maryland is doing everything he possibly can to help get me healthy and keep me healthy but the gastroenterologist that I see don't want to cooperate so Jackie just be happy and counting your lucky stars you have doctors and gastroenterologist that actually care about your health every treatment option that's been given I have just been diet changes and domperidone and I don't know about you or anybody else but we already live paycheck-to-paycheck and I ain't trying to take and be on a medication that I can't even get within the United States how much family and friends I've lost because they don't understand

  4. I suffer with chronic illnesses and invisible illnesses. Sometimes doing little things for myself make me feel better. Like a face scrub or doing my makeup and hair (I hardly ever do), or going to the library for a book. It would be fun to have a girls day….like doing makeup and hair and nails together. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the update. Is the pain in your hip more of a muscular thing, or joint/ligament instability? I have serious hip pain (I’m hyper mobile but not EDS) and can’t determine if it’s muscle or joint. Just wondering if the injection you receive is helpful for one cause vs. the other. You are a trooper and I greatly appreciate everything you share.

  6. Thank you for the update. We just care about you as we go on the journey with you. Do you and Janiece got an outing planned soon. She just celebrated her birthday and was disappointed you weren't part of that.

  7. This is unrelated to the video, sorry….how did you get diagnosed with autism, as I’ve been told i have symptoms of having it. I would be interested in finding out how i can get diagnosed. Thank you!

  8. That's interesting that ketamine can treat depression… I had surgery a couple years ago, and idk what was used to sedate me, but my depression was just gone for a solid 6 weeks afterwards. And I had heard a lot about post-op depression and was bracing for things to get worse mentally, so that was a really nice surprise.

  9. Does castor oil packs help with the pain? I know they r kinda messy. I’m new to your channel so don’t know if that helps. You looks really pretty in this video. Glad u r feeling better.

  10. I never really ask. But is your stomach paralyze? You look great I can see from your eyes they dont look as dark under your eyes. Your face looks fuller. Hang in there💪🙏❤

  11. Did they check for prostaglandins when they did your 24hr urine? If they are significantly elevated , they are most likely the cause of your pain on a molecular level. Mine were higher than the upper limit of a woman in active labor! NSAIDS seem to be the most effective.

  12. Hi Jaquie! I'm glad to see you're doing better! I wanted to share with you that I ordered a weighted blanket from Soothing Weight for my Autistic daughter and it came today! She has one, but it's 5 years old. She's grown quite a bit and needed something heavier. It is sooooo soft and well made! She is so happy with it! Also we got the discount with your code, so thank you very much!!!

  13. Jax! So glad you’re making some big strides and feeling better! Do you feel medical marijuana is helping? Please know you help so many of us who have chronic health issues. How is your friend who used to visit and who had a vlog somewhat like yours?

  14. I am just thrilled that you are able to eat! I know you have not been diagnosed with IBS, but maybe the Low FODMAP diet would benefit yoj. Check out @strandsofmylife. Suzanne Perragini is a Low. FODMAP coach. There is also an app from the college she went to that tells you which foods you can eat. That is Monash. UNIVERSITY. She also has two cookbooks out. The basic idea is to avoid foods which ferment in the gut and are malabsorbed.

  15. Glad you are having a good day and anupswing in your health in general. I watched all of your diagnosis videos and nO really appreciated them since I follow two Yotubers who have some of the same afflictions. You make a very great 👍teacher.

  16. Chronically Jaquie, did you ever go to college or try to finish college? I'm currently in my junior year for it, but due to more health complications I may have to go back home along with financial issues. Do you have any suggestions to relieve anxiety and feelings of failure? Or what I should do? Ps thank you so much for your videos they bring such comfort and understanding!!

  17. Jaquie, you look like your doing good and i'm so happy for you. I have been watching your videos for years and you have come so far since I first started watching them. I'm so proud of you for not giving up and trying everything for your health. take care!! give Harlow some rubs for me!

  18. I did ketamine infusions for years, it really helped in NYC there are a few places that take Medicare. I had side effects that were abnormal, like low blood pressure instead of high. It also really effected my liver levels. I than started working with a new doctor who had found a way to use much less ketamine less often to control the pain. He even then worked with my anesthesiologist in a different state for surgery that I had to have. I wish you lots of luck. It took years of regular hospital stays every 6 weeks for 3 days and lots of therapy. I have gone into remission and December 7th marked a whole year of no hospitalizations. I'm now learning to control all the side effects from years of treatment but I have come so far. Everyone treatment is different and no 2 people are the same. learning to self advocate is critical especially figuring out how to do without being rude. Today I had an appointment that was hard, they were happy with where I was but I wasn't after 2 and half hours and kindly saying I wasn't going to leave until we got everything to where I wanted they problem solved some more and we found a way for me to be even more active

  19. Hi jaquie! I remember a while ago you said it's hard to find shoes you can wear with your AFOs in and i was on Facebook and an ad came up for a company called 'Billy foot wear' it's shoes made for AFOs. they have a zip around the tops of the shoes with fake laces so you can unzip the top and basically just step into the shoe with the AGO on already i don't have a link but I thought your like to know

  20. Are you allergic to Propofol or does it just not work? Just curious. You look good today and sound more upbeat. Good luck with the house hunting. Can't wait for an update on that. Stay well!

  21. I have been having alot of flares too lately… i have figured out its connected to my stress level… this week has been about financial issues and struggling with money… it sucks then my body is like nope nope nope… my skin, my pain, my mind all tanked…

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