1. Hello from Canada . I know its been a few months but would you consider doing another evaluation ? If you ever decide to Im in 5×5 tent with a Fluence SpydrX Plus, in coco and dwc. My real problem is with feeding 2nd half of flower and ripening . I consider myself a newbie and have been growing 2 or 3 yrs. Its been a hard but great journey because I dont know any growers so Ive learned to grow from books and youtube. Well if you decide that would be great if not thats cool too. Just thought Id ask just in case. Thanks bro take care . Cheers!!

  2. Dude this a great idea theres so many ppl out there who are growing with very little knowlage and could improve drematicly (me being 1 of them) you can only get so much out of asknig ?s because sometimes its hard to explain what is realy goin on but with this its just like you popping round to ppls grows to give advise lol great idea peace bro from UK

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