1. nice room but ive been growin for 30 yrs and the tv technique is new to me !.haha is there some sort of benifit that looney toons has on cannabis that im not aware of ? ……. lol great job brother

  2. Advanced was sold to the Monsanto/Bayer bicephale monstruosity… A big no-no imo

    Have you considered Blue or Green planet ?

    One obvious upgrade for all thoses rooms : use Square one Genetics πŸ˜‰

  3. The only thing I would change apart from what you said is I would change that green bulb into a green led. It looks like a normal bulb with green coated glass, and if that's the case it's quite likely that other spectrums of light are able to bleed through possibly disturbing the plants. A good green led only outputs a single spectrum.

  4. Here's is my opinion as a grower of the Dank!!! THC Titan was pretty much spot-on but there's a few things I would do. Get these girls on a automated watering system if growing in Coco. Temps at 77 and 82 is a good temperature for the plants to thrive but it's also the perfect temperatures for bugs to be happy and exploding population. Even with proper ipm. I personally live in Cali don't have a problem with pest since I dropped my Temps 73 to 75 The last thing it looks like these pots are really spread apart which means long veg time, higher the plant count. GrowersLove

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