1. 2:10:24 what this senator Buck doesn't get sat whilst sat in his Whitehouse bubble is that while ever you have big pharma doling out opioids like candy, then the heroin black market will always be needed. His short-sighted opinion that merely cutting of the southern border will stop it is cloud cuckoo crazy as the trade will merely shift to another sector. The heroin problem could be solved quickly if it was decriminalised and was state provided, free to people in treatment centres, the need to buy it would vanish. Such implementation would cost a lot less in both money and lives than the failed war on drugs that Buck is using to justify the Covoffe agenda.Bet Buck has shares in the privatised prison industry, where more criminals = more $$$$$$!

  2. the majority of the population believes cannabis should be legalized, so why hasn't it been legalized . either we live in a democracy ruled by the people or a government that doesn't listen to its people

  3. Stop taking kick backs from big pharma. Also instead of having our troops protecting the poppy fields they should be destroying the fields and eradicating poppy from the planet all togehfer

  4. Bad path with marijuana lol = Big pharma will lose a $hitload of money.. so Corporations will suffer.. It won't matter that it 'cures' cancer.. Shh.. don't mention that.. Sickening.. Wish the people would STAND UP and dump these idiots.

  5. Joe Rogan quote comes to mind .If you arrest somebody for smoking a plant that makes them happy , then you are the Fn criminal. I consider the DEA a criminal entity or empire. They need to be completely shut down. These Criminals in congress that also keep this war on drugs going need to be impeached or voted out locally.

  6. Ms. Holman stated that her brother was doing well managing his add with marijuana, and only stopped because of drug testing not allowing him to get a job. One could argue that MARIJUANA PROHIBITION and DISCRIMINATION led to his death on far more addictive and dangerous DEA APPROVED prescription medication. Now if she was a witness for the dea she sure helped the medical marijuana movement with her testimony.
    That sob addiction profiteer should take note.

  7. As important as this problem is, and trust me I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by this. I would bet my life's savings that not one big pharma executive will see prison over this. Just keep pushing doctors to prescribe these meds, and rewarding them for doing so.
    In the meantime, we have activist judges making laws. An out of control DOJ ruining people's lives like Flynn and Caputo. Tell me how Andrew Weissman has a license to practice law after being caught withholding exculpatory evidence and why is he still employed by the Justice department?
    Don't you have more important things to do. Get busy the people are getting fed up.

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