Eating “Space Cookies” in Guatemala

What are “space cookies?” Well, apparently they send you into outer space… at least that’s what happened to me! To Youtube: This is an educational story …


  1. If you want to see me post silly stuff (& updates on the youtube crisis) follow me on my new instagram:

    Anyway, this is another video that I put together before I left for NZ so I’d like to add that we have never been so close to reaching our next milestone goal on Patreon: With this new YouTube stuff going on I need your help more than ever. I’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who’s already pledged, you’re all incredible and you keep me going 🙂

    The merch shop has been in the works for the past couple months as I decide what service to go with (already received samples from a couple places etc) and I’ll definitely be doing a free raffle on Patreon to show more appreciation!

    Finally, there will be an official update video released soon on what’s still going on with YouTube, however I’ve had very sparse internet access for the past week. My trip is ending soon so it shouldn’t be much longer.

  2. I fucked up one time we went to Amsterdam and I thought I was tough shit because I smoke a lot of weed and next thing I know I'm on the floor and all this nice people from the Netherlands helping me and kind of chuckling it was a fun but bad time hash edibles are so much stronger

  3. That heartbeat in the eyes you explained has happened to me, hit my friends dab pen before biology about 15 times and i thought i was gonna die and i didnt even understand myself or how things looked and seemed

  4. Datura is actually literally everywhere… Botatanists aren't even sure where some species are native too. They are common as a decorative plant for their flowers. They also grow very easily as they are nightshades.. Also good to remediate soil. But, yes, datura is very deadly and very potent (every part of the plant has the compounds). I worked with it at my internship centered on gardening. Never tried it, and never will… Thought the hallucinations induced by the plant seem so profound.

  5. What's in this? Weed? Hash? I personally grown to hate weed because I started to have some really weird, anxiety-inducing highs. Psychedelics have never produced anxiety for me, I always feel frightened (more like nervous) but also somewhat comforted. Me on weed is just too damn weird.

  6. Guatemalan weed is weak. If you know where to look tho, you can find somewhat stronger ones. Idk if it felt stronger because my tolerance lowered (it might’ve, detoxed from concentrated THC oil for half a year). There’s definitely stronger weed but it’s not up to par with other places.

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