1. Hey Duke !!! it's a great thing that you stopped smoking years ago, but you still need to go to the doctor and get checked for cancer !!! My grandmother just past and she had lung cancer from smoking way back when and 3 year ago my mother had cancer in her lung removed from smoking year prior. Neither showed any signs of poor health. shop you'll take heed and go get checked out I and many others enjoy your videos and want you to be around for many years to come ! God bless

  2. I love you duke. You have really made me think about some stuff that is going on with my life, like the energy drink a day, big meals, and the beer habit that I have. I aint big on cigs but man Im going to try what you are talking about with the fasting and praying and try to stay conscience of it all. Thank you.

  3. Praise God. I am so glad you made this video Duke and I hope people realize Jesus is real and does answer prayers. We do need to live for Him and praise Him and His holy name and not live our lives for this world but for the next world in heaven. Bless you Duke for spreading His holy word.
    He has blessed me also in my life. God is so mighty and great. 🙏👍

  4. Jesus sacrificed himself to promote free will. The devil only gives a choice between the will of the wicked man, that says there is no good or evil. Even if you smoked crack I wouldn't think of you as a lesser person.

  5. What a great double blessing. It’s truly wonderful to experience God’s blessing and favor. Glad you stopped smoking, but I bet it was because he had bigger plans for you. You’re an inspiration to hard work, I’ve learned a lot from your channel Duke.

  6. Yes sir bro Duke I think I been quit bout 20 years or so my wife had ta quit an I knew she couldn't if I didn't so Jesus worked two ways an healed us both thanks for the story n video take care n be blessed.

  7. Duke, I had never smoked..but do have a few other habits that I ought to quit. I had thought of trying a fast before but never just came to doing it…I think you may have hit it on the head..maybe I did not want to give up a few things. Great Message Brother!

  8. It does my heart good to hear your testimonies Duke. I hope your testimony will be a blessing and also an encouragement to others. Hope you and Mrs. Duke and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Thanks Duke, for a very inspirational talk. Great advice. I started smoking and dipping snuff when I was in the army. I quit hundreds of times. Quitting the Copenhagen was a LOT harder than the cigarettes. I finally just made up my mind that I was never going to touch it again as long as I live, and I've honored that vow to myself. It's been over 20 years since I've touched tobacco. It is a very tough monkey to get off your back. It takes great strength of will, and God gives us the strength if we ask him for it. He doesn't do everything for us, but he gives us the tools we need and helps us to find ways to do things for ourselves and for each other.

  10. Sure glad you quit! My son and his wife quit about 2 years ago, and they are both so glad they did. Very cool that you haven't been tempted at all to start again! Send me an email about those peppers we were talking about.

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