Charlamagne Praises Plus-Size Designers After Bebe Rexha Called ‘Too Big’

Future addresses line from ‘Kill Jay-Z’ song (00:10) Cardi B posts picture of her and Offset (01:27) Cardi B responds to ‘Twerk’ video criticism (1:58) Bebe Rexha …


  1. If you're dressed revealing, expect guys and some women to treat you a certain way. Especially if you're attractive and have a body. Just like I should expect to be robbed of I walk around with a lot of money. I'd get called dumb and stupid. It comes with the territory. You get the attention you want. It's just not all good attention.

  2. Look this is nonsense she's asking to be dressed for free. If she wants a cut toward dress something that came off the runway it's going to fit someone who would walk on the runway. not saying she's a badd looking chick but they generally don't dress women that have curves like that.

  3. How about you "plus sized" bitches stop eating so damn much, and you can fit in a dress. It's not about being fat or skinny, but being at a healthy weight. You weren't always big, you became that way, and it's by eating all this processed bullshit food…. on that note.. Bebe is fine as hell, and doesn't even qualify as plus sized.

  4. Future sound stupid….dude you got a starting 5 of baby moms and a bench of reserves! GTFOH bruh! It was a play on words. Like How said years ago. "Sensitive things you all need hugs!"

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