1. The premium that Constellation Brands payed for the stock to give 5 billion should show serious long term shareholder value. STZ payed 48$ per share so that Canopy could have 5 Billion on their balance sheet. Now that canopy has dropped, it still has the cash for stocks it got, so it can make all cash acquisitions thatno other company can make. Best bet STZ is waiting on the return from the 48$ price tag!

  2. Hello I just subscribed! Canopy I would like to tell you that I have epilepsy, anxiety including depression a sleeping disorder and I also have hypothyroidism. I honestly NEED TO BUY CBD oil BUT IT IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.
    I got a new medical marijuana card just a few days ago and now I really need YOUR help. How much would it cost to purchase CBD oil and Indica and sativa????

    Can anyone please answer my question????????

  3. You guys give the cannabis community a bad name with your poor skills and well below subpar product. The people speaking up for your disgusting irradiated shit that you can’t dissprove are either ignorant towards real cannabis or paid shills. Either way your product blows goat balls and you are all just thieving crooks along with alllll the other government run ellepees nice failed crop douche bags anyone who’s a real grower can tell by your out of focus photo that you straight up fucked up your crops regardless of your statements you released. Karmas a bitch eh! Rip of sick and ailing people, that’s a sure fire way to see to it that ALL your crops come up dead. I hope your stock tanks too you fools disgust me. And I bet you will delete this comment as well

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