1. I just used black salve with excellent results! I’ve had over 15 surgeries for basal cell and squamous cell removal. I’ve had Mohs surgery. I was sick of the cutting and surgeries so I recently tried black salve. I used a very small amount( half size of dried pea) followed direction completely. The site was very sore for a day or two, after 5 days cancer popped out . I am left w a fraction of the scar. A very tiny divet as opposed to inch long scar. Black salve is to be respected, I can’t imagine just globing it on or using too much, I’m sure then you would experience some of these pictures. FYI, prior to using I had biopsy confirming it was basal cell. After use I had another biopsy of site. There is no cancer present. I’m sold on black salve.

  2. My mother went to chemo treatment for 6 months, the doctors said the cancer was gone. My mother keep having saviour pain so she went for a check up. Her doctor said most cancer patient get paranoid after having cancer and think every pain after is cancerous. Well, she said, no that she knows her body and somthing is wrong. Well, it turned out the cancer spread to her liver and is now terminal stage 4. She went for a more aggressive treatment of chemo. She felt horrible right away. That night her hair feel out and was to sick to get out of bed.
    She asked her doctor about natural health. The doctor said that in the late 60s and early 70s that the colleges stop teaching healing by natural remedies and health. That they learn their chemical toxic pharmaceutical (basicly) drug treatment. My mother refused chemo and the kicked her out the doors and didn't want to treat her. When she first got cancer one of the first things (Every cancer patient hears) they told her, is eat anything she wants. That is the worst advice EVER.

    Well, they gave her 2 .months, that was a year and 4 months ago. So she.

    After they kicked her out, she called my wife and I up and asked about natural holistic healing. So she changed her diet staryed juicing and throwing all the garbage and pharmaceutical drugs out. After a year of doing it natural she went to a check up. The cancer has not grown or spread and the doctor said she would be one of the healthiest person they saw if it were not for the cancer.

    Because of natural healing my mother is still her with us. Not stuck in bed and spending her last years sick, bold, and hurting. The reason they don't do clinical trials is because natural medicine works. This is why they go deep I to the rain forest and synthesis plants and make drugs. But a synthetic poison is all they really make.

    Just like you have knock off companies making worse pharmaceutical drugs then major companies, you also have "so called" natural companies that make bad natural products using cheap crappy ingredients. Also research the companies you go with. Don't try to save money buying natural products from people cutting corners. Look for real Orgainc, quality ingredient and a reputable company.
    Shalum and remember that natural plants & herbs have been used since the beginning for medicine and has worked for thousands of years.

    This doctor never mentioned the long list of side effects that you get with big pharma. Effects that are worst then the illnesses people are suffering from.

  3. Black salve works. For those who speak German, look up: hautkrebs mit natürlichem Skalpell entfernt (youtube channel: Alex Green). I do not know what they were using here but I can no longer trust this channel here.

  4. I truly do not believe this treatment at all. I beat Malignant Melanoma by Mohs Surgery 6 years ago today! I had precancerous melanoma removed by surgery back in 2/2013 also.

  5. So, the patients chose the feel good snake oil salesman over the doctor that is a jerk. Then the patients (now victims) complain that the huckster fucked them over. I'll take the jerk any day. How did we get to this point where society has become a bunch of babies looking to be coddled?

  6. It's important to note the differences between skin cancers. Melanoma is the only one that can metastisize, and therefore be life threatening. The other skin cancers that are much more common, esp. with age, diet, alcohol use and genetics are squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas. Squamous cells are fast growing, and relatively superficial; basal's are typically slower growing and can be deeper. It's important to remove these because they can cause disfigurement, but they do not metastisize. Standard dermatological treatment is non-toxic for all with biopsy followed by a scraping/burning technique, or deeper surgery, especially if in cosmetically sensitive areas like the face. Melanoma however is usually followed by the deeper surgery, and if it's spread to the lymph nodes or beyond, would shift to an oncologist for care. The point of my comment here is to show that skin cancers, except in the case of malignant melanoma, do not require chemotherapy or radiation, and so would suggest that allopathic treatment in this case would actually be the CONSERVATIVE route, over potentially disfiguring self treatments. But for warts, one can bypass the dermatologist and use over the counter preparations or even apple cider vinegar with good results if committed to regular treatment.

  7. Paul Nissan was on youtube before Dr. Greger promoting healthy eating. Pau Nissan used black salve on himself several times and got good results. Interesting that Dr. Greger, so data-driven researcher, didn't spend time contacting Paul and few others who used it successfully. Then after hearing horror stories and successful treatments dive deep into black salve treatments. And only then make a video. Looks like Dr. Greger is rushing forward to put more fresh vids out there without looking deeper. Sad.

  8. This goes to show you how people are so easily fouled by princes offering money or snake oil salesman with cures. Very evident in our current political environment! People, due your research from lots of reputable sources and not from the web sites that say your computer is infected with a virus, click here to clean.

  9. I just watched your video about marijuana where you were very clear about how the pharmaceutical industry which is the backbone of the medical industry blocks the legalization of marijuana because it will cut into their prophets yet, in this video you seem perplexed as to why people do not trust doctors to treat cancer.

  10. Those images put me off my avocado hummus. Yeah take that uncaring Drs had you treated me better than maybe i wouldn't have tried black salve and lived.

  11. I have had melanoma cut out 100%success, an basal cell in my face radiated 100% success and a small basal cell treated with cannibas oil, 100% success. If my skin doctor recommended cutting out the last one,I would have done it, but she couldn't find after the cannabis oil treatment.

  12. It's incredible that people would prefer someone warmly recommending total rubbish to a professional coldly prescribing a real treatment, but that's humans for you. Good to see a warning on any of these useless "alternatives". I'd be inclined to include the warning in the video title lest anyone who does not watch it takes away a false impression!

  13. This study of the evidence is so ridiculously biased.. how can you see both sides of the salves effects if there are NO studies to see the efficacy of the salve? The reason people walk away from the medical industry is because it is corrupt and money driven. There is no money to be made from black salve. So there is no interest in studying it.

  14. I placed a small amount on my left arm for 24 hours, no tissue damage. Placed a small amount above the tumor in my breast, with in one minute, a tingling sensation. Within two weeks the tumor was expelled from my right breast.

  15. It saved my life, pulled the tumor until it erupted from my breast, with the blood vessels still attached, which had to be snipped with sterilized scissors. Left a two inch wide hole in my breast, which is now healed. Up until this video I had complete trust in Dr. Greger. To see the truth, watch on YouTube "One Answer to Cancer" with doctors who ARE honest on this topic.

  16. Does it ever get to anyone else nerve about the.. Ehhhhh that is pronounced or the uhhhwhen the tissue samples are taken.. it's just how he talks kinda uhhhurmm eeerrrrrrrks me.

  17. I'm very tempted to believe the "adversarial" and "thinking they were God" parts are at least partially explained by these patients being unreasonable lunatics in the first place.

  18. The lesson came at the conclusion of this video. Effective physicians are respectful and caring. Unfortunately, many are not. A few can be arrogant, disrespectful, AND ignorant.

  19. I've used black salve on my face and chest for skin cancer and it worked! Pulled it right out. No longer have it. I'm going to stop following Dr. Greger. He has some sound advice on a plant based diet but he is dead set against natural alternative medicine. Like oil pulling, he's against it cause "it could cause phneumonia". Yeah right. I've been oil pulling for years and have very healthy teeth and gums. Yet again, he's good for diet advice but for other stuff, not so much.

  20. guys stop taking vitamin D supplements btw, check out the evidence-based information provided by "pamela popper" youtube channel. she basically says that the best source of vitamin D is sun exposure and that vitamin D supplements are unhealthy and are not even close to matching the complexity of natural vitamin D production

  21. Come ON Dr. Greger. If the underlying cause of the cancer such as the diet, that caused it to grow in the first place is changed and the body has changed its pH that resulted from an acid causing to an alkaline diet, after the black salve removes the tumor, there are herbs to help grow new cells where the tumor was… or the body may just do so on its own. We all know western medicine has a deplorable track record when it comes to treating chronic and degenerative problems ESPECIALLY cancer. I can't believe I'm hearing you defend allopathy for cancer treatment!

  22. What you didn't mention is that all oncologists push very hard on radiotherapy and chemotherapy because it's very profitable. The problem is that those treatments have about 5% success. They are cancer causing therapies and majority of people die of them because they stimulate cancer growth. I'm not against surgery, I'm against pseudoscience. People live longer without chemo and radiation and quality of life is significantly better.

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