1. Curtis, I love the new website and signed up as soon as I had the chance. Excited to see what great content you're able to make happen with the new format.
    As far as keeping seeds in a walk-in – wouldn't there be problems with moisture/humidity?
    Thanks for everything – Cheers!

  2. Remember folks..US Dollars….My bad dude…and on a side note..Well worth it. Been on for 3 days now and already got my money's worth with just the discussions with members….Imagin having a issue and being able to ask 100s of people just like us plus get Curtis's take. Jump on this deal folks. Thanks again for your help Curtis

  3. Everyone should go check out the From The Field website! IT IS full of great info and videos. And Thank You again Curtis, for helping with my issue with signing up. Super great stuff, super happy, thanks man!

  4. Curtis, I am in the process of starting a market garden business in Louisiana I have already gotten my license and planning on building 2 30×96 greenhouses this summer when my land dry's up. Can you do a video on there wash area also and how it is setup? Thanks Robert

  5. I love everything you are doing Curtis. I have been watching your videos for a while and purchased your book a few months back. I have recently decided to sell my current small business and my little VW campervan too as they are really the only high value things I own. I will use the money to take the plunge and gett into farming. I am looking to start with microgreens and work my way to producing suitable high value high rotation crops for here in Scotland.

    As you are a business man and on top of you game I wondered if we could do something that would benefit both of us on a joint project. Due to my physical disability (pseudoachondroplasia) I have always been restricted from working outdoors or with nature but I am sure there will be ways I can overcome these obstacles. I wanted to see if maybe you would consider doing a collaboration video or mini series of videos together. Taking someone not only with no farming background but also a physical disability from just a block of land to a fully working farm. I would do most of the work and fund it. I would just enjoy working with you to film the process as it will be some totally unique content for your channel and would be incredibly popular. It would also give me publicity and help with a boost in the early stages.

    Please let me know if this is something you would consider. I am sure if we can make it happen that it would inspire so many others who feel that they are physically limited and as such have not made the move into starting their own urban farm to give it a go. You are amazing at what you do and the world loves unique content, this could potentially be a win win for everyone. I can raise the money by stretching what I have. I am also incredibly motivated and determined. My children, one of whom also has my condition, will also be helping me with the farm. I am looking to show the world what is possible even in the face of adversity. Long term I want to build something that inches towards a more sustainable future whilst also being able to work as a team with my family instead of being away from them all the time pigeon holed into a job I do not enjoy.

    Would love to hear your thoughts. Hope to speak soon.

    Best Regards

    Steve (AKA the JuicyVeganDwarf)

  6. Sorry to be a little picky Curtis, I know in the UK our health inspectors would be picking up on how easy it is to keep those tables clean. I do similar but have as much as possible above the table or one central unit that way its really easy to clean down each shift. Boxes are excellent as is the chiller to packroom door. thanks

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