Ace Combat 7: List of All 42 Confirmed Aircraft (2018)

Here’s a compilation of all 42 aircraft that have been confirmed to appear in Ace Combat 7 so far and their status: playable or unplayable. It is said the game will …


  1. Man, the 18th can't get here fast enough. Waited yrs for this game, looks incredible. Just sucks that with preorder on Xbox one bundle, you don't get ace combat 6 till after 7 comes out

  2. It would be so cool in multiplayer if they made a Juggernaut mode or “Arsenal Bird” mode where one player is randomly selected to fly the Arsenal Bird and all other players have to work together to bring him down

  3. Had to keep pausing and unpausing the video because the aircraft are up for like three fucking seconds, jesus shit dude, leave 'em up for like eight or nine seconds so we can read what they are and appreciate the details in each still for more than three fucking seconds! >_<

  4. F 104 starfighter is only available in the deluxe version if I’m correct, F4 Phantom is playable and you will have it in the beginning if you pre order the standart version.

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