A Mile In My Shoes: 21 Savage (Episode 1)

10 Days Before the release of 21 Savage sophomore album ‘I AM greater than I WAS’, he invited DJ Akademiks to Atlanta to give a unique outlook and …


  1. “7th grade got caught witta pistol, sent me to panthersville, 8th grade started playing football, then i was like fuck the field, 9th grade started knocking niggas out, niggas like holyfield”

  2. Akademiks needs to do more interviews like this, 21 looks hella comfortable cause it aint no hollywood shit. I bet alot more artist would be like this if they had AK interviewing them

  3. Having a gun on you every day, made you feel like a man? Lmao SAD. This man chose the to be in the streets, pretty much glorifying it. He’s a suburban dudeee at heart( in Kodak voice)😂😂😂

  4. I can relate i was on probation in the 6th grade, then was sentenced to the department of corrections by the end of the 7th grade until the age of 18. Making a change in my kids, my daughter is in the navy, and my son who's 8 will never live that life i did.

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