Woody Harrelson: LBJ | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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  1. So funny that Trump used to be a Democrat… He doesn’t care! He just wanted to be president… I guess he figured Republican Voters were more stupid…. so he chose them.

  2. WTF?? LBJ?? This is stranger than strange! His father was accused of being one of the shooters of JFK… Woody himself admits that his father was trained by the CIA… He’s in Prison for another Murder of a Federal Judge… which apparently was a set up…

  3. Does Bill Maher mention his father being a killer who was seen (or his twin) with 2 other tramps in Dealey Square.I Always thought Maher was against politically correctness, I cant believe that Bill talks about LBJ like this. LBJ was most corrupt president ever. Only 11-22-63 saved him Life magazine cover story on his corruption, LBJ would have to resign from office in early 1964. LBJ faced possible jail time. Hasn't Bill ever heard of Bobby Baker, Estes, Malcom Wallace, LBJ's hired killer going back years, whose fingerprints were found on 6th floor. This is very strange for Bill Maher, lauding LBJ, even more corrupt if possible, than Trump or Nixon.

  4. Sorry to be a stick in your side but woody left out something………
    The right to cover up the Kennedy assassination ……….
    Actors portraying corrupt presidents I don't get….
    Like josh brolin portraying George w bush……….what an insult to their career
    But …………it is their choice

  5. Allegedly his father helped LBJ kill JFK.. Who else would play him in a movie? He has talked about his dads past, but I would like to know what he thinks. I think he knows the truth!

  6. "Other than Vietnam, LBJ was a great president…"
    Yeah, other than Vietnam and his role in the assassination of his predecessor, he was an alright president. But the fist two things kind of eclipse any of the other things he did…

  7. Btw, he no longer smokes so you ass turds saying he is high dont know what stupid shit you are saying. You are insulting his integrity and you are not funny. What he does is his own business and if he chooses to light up again I guarantee he will reveal that. And he probably will in lesser amounts.

  8. Just binged on Cheers. Woody is just a great guy. Most people dont know though that his dad was a hitman convicted and imprisoned and also claimed to have shot at JFK. This spple fell far from the tree. His estranged father was Charles Harrison convicted of killing a federal judge.

  9. But LBJ did kill JFK & not only JFK ………The Big Event The Coup D'Etat….11/22/1963 yes he surely did that together with The Bay of Pigs Posse of Allen Dulles with also George HW Bush …in cahoost with the Mafia . VP LBJ The CIA Texan Oil The Military Industrial Complex The Biggest Wallstreet Banks & the FBI & MSM did help to cover it all up ..up till now . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqLYetXoRwo

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