1. Eat right live right no need for any drug that can not heal you. Nothing from the outside can heal your condition. It can only cover up. Your body is what is creating the symptoms you have not your illness. Your body acts on what is put inside. Nothing from the outside can act on your body

  2. Oh my goodness there will be a weed rush coming back 100 years later.
    Anyways topical CBD is a miracle for pain really. Insomnia , CBD plus indica . Gosh you'll be going to bed like a baby. & Forget forever anxiety and depression episodes with 24%thc hits of deadhead og or Starbucks og

  3. Is it possible Cannabis won’t work for some gene expressions?
    CBD is apparently very anti inflammatory… I never felt better on it. And i never used it before.

    I tried 8 Brands now… and I felt no better.

    I tried huh dose and low dose. Still no improvement to my inflammation

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