Weight Watchers Zero Point Foods 14 Day Challenge | What I Ate | How To Lose Weight Fast

Hi Lovely Lot Here it is my ’14 day 0sp challenge vlog’. In this vlog I share with you how I found the 14 days, what I ate, tips on how I found it and so much more …


  1. Your video was just what I needed to hear. I was struggling since Christmas, but I believe giving myself less food choices might be a good place to start. Today was day one. I have about 15 pounds to loose, I have an addiction to flour and sugar. I choose to give myself five points a day for 14 days. I am currently unable to exercise because of back/hip issues which I am seeing a doctor. I usually do 4-5 spin classes each week. Being unable to exercise has been a challenge in itself. Thanks, will let you know how my 14 day challenge goes.

  2. Hi Jessica
    So interested to see how zero SP is leading to good weight loss for you. I have 13 lbs to target and find my loss is slow, mainly due to alcohol and snacks. I keep well within my 23 points, never use weekly points, always take exercise each day but need to eat more zero SP and less points. Not sure if I can do it but going to do every other day to see. Many thanks xx

  3. You did great I just started weight watchers 2 weeks ago… I'm really trying but a few mess ups over the weekend.i was down 4lbs then gained 2 back from to many extra points…

  4. Well done! I started following that Instagram account on your recommendation and it’s brilliant inspiration. After watching this I’m considering giving it a go! I feel like I always feel weak with me food and it’s nice to know I’m not alone!! Do you have a recipe for the onion bjajis?

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