We put all the goats together, get ready for MAMA DRAMA

The babies & mamas are FINALLY in a pen together — and you won’t believe what happens. It’s all about mama drama in today’s video! We have 3 mamas & 6 …


  1. Sorry to come to this post, but I missed the birthing of Luna's babies – Can you do a video to tell the details? No one is responding to my request for the details. When I looked at the live feed it appeared that there was only 1. I thought that she was having multiple goats; can you explain? Gale Flowers

  2. OMG Lydia is soo cute. She can be my adopted daughter and I can be the youngest mum to a teenager 😂😂. I love her personality. If I ever have a daughter I hope she gets her personality. Hahahha she can be Asian as well as well since she likes savoury for breakfast. 😉

  3. Lol, I hated breakfast food too when I was her age and would eat chili instead. 😃

    My husband and I are moving back to the family property (120+ years in the family, used to be a dairy farm) in a different city this year, and our space to play with is just a bit smaller than yours. You guys are such an inspiration!

  4. You guys are my favourite youtubers. I have convinced my parents about moving to a farm/place with a little more land, after a lot of convincing in a few months we are moving out into the country and I am allowed to get goats I am so excited.

  5. Love your channel. Out first goat babies were born on mon. Martin Luther King Day. By our nigerian dwarf mama. 2 girl 1 boy. The blood wold moon did it. Im in love with goats. Thank god I watches your show , because I had to help with the labor. It was amazing. Thank you for being you. Love you family. I'm in Brooksville Florida.

  6. I'm literally crying right now cause I'm so jealous of your farm life…it is all I want…so many goats… farm fresh eggs…a big open yard to run in and awesome parents…maybe it would help me get away from my electronic addiction. Anyway thanks for making awesome vids…bye!!!

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