1. Ramps .I use ramps for 10 yrs never had issues .you do what you can afford .I'm not spending money on a trailer a hitch and registration and insurance for a trailer that wouldn't be used hardly

  2. Had to put a riding lawn mower in the shop one time and borrowed a tilt trailer and I bought one several months later . I also use that same trailer for hauling landscape mulch too , so people you'd us a trailer more than you think . Just glad I bought one . Food for thoughts 👍😉

  3. The best thing to do when unloading is completely let off the gas pedel if your on a mower with a hyrostatic trans. The trans will limit the speed when going down and you won’t loose control. If your on a mower with a manuel trans put it in the lowest gear and completely let off the clutch, once again the trans will brake its self when going down and you won’t loose control

  4. Running your engine at full throttle just for a few moments can actually stress your mower, especially when starting it up. Starting it up on full throttle is one of the worst things you can do to your mower. Along with shutting the engine off on full throttle.

  5. Ramps aren't a bad idea as long as they are wide enough. Its a lot less nerve racking when they are wider because if you happen to go a little to the left or right there's no worry of falling off.

  6. Go ahead and get your trailer for what them aluminum ramps cost put towards a good trailer you can haul everything there and not mess up your truck just my thought stay cool peace out by the way I like your videos

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