EPISODE 3!!!! The garden is planted and its grow time! Also we take you on the road to the Dope Noize tour in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and back to …


  1. Hi Green dope! How do you manage when you take out your clones out in the end of May from indoors (18/6) to outdoors (nearly 14/10) without stressing and to continue vegetated state till days come shorter at 21 June?

  2. Hey we are a promotional website and channel called RavenzCraft Arts we conduct interviews and projects with artists, musicians and amazing people from all over the world..we were hoping you guys would be interested in doing a small interview project about what you guys do and your future plans and goals , let us know if you are interested..
    Thank you

  3. I’m curious…where are all the companion plants that could be getting planted along side….Look into the family’s that are in the Nitrogen fixing Clade..such as Fabaceae and fagaceae and rosaceae and cannabaceae etc. Also I have a hypothesis going along the lines of the more diversity of plants that are able to live together in a healthy symbiosis the better the soil diversity and therefore the better the genetic expression in the plants in that environment, more terpenes possibly higher yields etc healthy stronger high vibing plants that will produce stable genetics and stable off spring etc eventually yielding monster plants because of the environment you’ve cultivated. Swale system x chinampas system-that’s one hell of a productive system. Huge respect to you guys btw love your music also.

  4. You guys are awesome. I love your videos on how your growing. I’m 61 now and started smoking at 14. I live in a state where it’s still illegal. I wish I had half the knowledge you guys have. I’m hoping my state goes legal in a year or so. I want to grow my own. But indoors. I’ve been watching all kinds of videos on it never really grew my own before. Maybe one day.

  5. yeah why not working in the room with your dirty ass cloth touching buds left and right so everything can stick on them.
    genius … growing good and clear product i remember?! yeah right … lmao

  6. Modular hydro .com guy selks air things for irganic growers u shiuld check it out he aircrates doil n it actually looks like it grows better but what fo u guys think

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