1. Thank you my friend I needed these words of inspiration I'm taking on some consultation work in the meantime it's very lucrative so that's good but I'm definitely going to be chasing my passion in my spare time and then my free time following that six week project

  2. Hey man, you want better product, use Lumigrow and i 'll tell you how to really use them to get trees that look like they came from a spaceship from another planet…litterally…nobody can beat Lumigrow..I guarantee that brother!!!! Invest in lumigrow, i get 36 percent and higher with these L.E.D'S!!! Nobody can touch these light as far as im concerned, anyone can debate me…anyways anyone is welcome to ask me questions about the best lighting with proof, or anything else you wanna ask or say..im here to learn and help people….but you sir are doing a fine job!! Keep nailin it!!! At least test a lomigrow and i guarantee you will see the true light!!! Peace from mowtown

  3. I have brisker OG in my room right now I have 2 females and look a little different phenos. How many days do you run them for? I love this strain I cloned the shit out of them so I can keep those genetics In my room

  4. nice growin all the way from lreland an i worked for 6 years an wil never work agin cos that way a life is for slaves an it make you live that way an dont take that the wrong way yano i grow now an i hav what i need cos off it fare play to you every needs to be on the band wagan

  5. That garden and genetics are a wet dream,i built all my stuff gradually as my growing progressed started with a 4×4 1 x 600 mag ballast, now in a 8×8 wth 4 digis into year 9. I fish and grow weed best hobbies ever. How can i get a hold of your peanut bb and brisker? PLZ.

  6. I like the sedative/narcotic effect also. Are these all indicas? Or just hybrids that you take into amber trics to get the right effects?

    Real impressive. You know your shit.

  7. Pulled my first 2 peanut butter cookies the other day, they were tiny due to the cold, but MAN! This sh!t is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  8. New to the channel new grower also. Just a little fyi was sent over from Mr. Grow it awesome guy. I'm on my second grow first grow all white widow. They came pretty good for my first time. Growing Granddaddy purple now and White Widow. I'm on day 55 or 56 how much longer she I let them go. I love your passion man I love to learn every day.

  9. Damn titan……I'm inspired by your story. You keep doing your thang bro. You on the right track and don't let nothing stop you. You got everything planned out and is on a great mind set. I admire you a lot. It motivates me moving forward as well. That's for such great words.

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