She was rejected by her mom, will her new mom love her?

A tiny baby goat was born on our farm and she was quickly rejected by her mother. We quickly brought her to a new goat mama, but will she accept & love her?


  1. In nz with our cows if we want them to adopt a calf we put collars on both the calves then put a short chain between the two calves then the mums to let there biological calf drink also have to let the adopted drink after a few days to a week they accept the adopted and the you could understand claim the i don't know if this will work for you with goats of not

  2. Next time you do tomatoes you pick them when they green and big and put them in a dark cool place and they turn red within a couple days….that’s how we always do it…this way as u pick them green and the plant will produce more tomatoes!

  3. JMHO, raise Penny's son and breed him to Doris & Tilly then rehome him with breeding right back to him.

    Keep any of Penny's and/or Tilly's doelings.

    Extra green tomatoes turn them into sweet relish! I've also been told they make excellent jam and jellies, using jell-o….your flavor choice.

  4. They are so cute! My husband is actually thinking about getting one! I would love to have one too but I don't think he realizes how much work it will be for me!! We have a 14 year old poodle and she almost takes care of herself. Love your vlogs and I've missed a few but I'm catching up!

  5. From my experience If you want the new mother Willing to adopt the baby make sure you feed the baby with new mother's breast milk for weeks. In my case the birth mother rejecting her baby but the foster mother scream when we took her adopted baby

  6. Hey DaNelle, I just wanted you to know that you inspired me to start a garden. At first, my parents weren’t completely onboard with the idea but finally, they agreed and we have started putting together our herb garden. I can’t wait to continue to expand our garden and watch you tend to yours along the way!
    Much love from Australia 🇦🇺

  7. I am soooooooo happy my birthday is on Tuesday and my name is oakley it made my day that the name that won was oakley it's like a birthday present and you guys didnt even know lol 😂😂

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