Payne Lindsey & Donald Albright Talk Investigative Journalism, The ‘Atlanta Monster’ Podcast + More

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  1. Are they a team? Or is the white dude solo? He is super quick to say I, quite a bit in stead of we, us, you can tell heโ€™s a film maker, as branding and marketing are 2 things most film makers despise.

  2. Wayne Williams had parents telling their kids in Atl to be in before the street lights. Seriously. One of my homies fathers was a kid around that time and he said he remembered living in atl and a van stopped like 100 feet behind him one night in atl and his dad said the lights went off on the van and he hauled ass dipping through spots coming from the store to get back home. Wayne williams definitely had parents and kids on alert from what I was told by his pops. Good interview Breakfast club

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