1. That is some STRAIT UP shit, Monarch!!!! You have created your own strain!!! What you gonna call it? Man your garden is always on point, so you will be growing your. New strain, in your garden?? That Optic, just blows me away!!! I could use a couple beans, if you wanna donate, Much love as always, Monarch!!! FARMERS love to you!!! Have a awesome day,,,, PEACE!!!!!!

  2. Looking beautiful Monarch! Looking foward to your new optic 6 grow. Makes me want to pick up that light. Seen a few guys on YouTube with it, and their plants look beautiful as well. As always, Growers Love!

  3. Looking good my brother excellent video as always. Much love and respect. Plus you showed the Yankee game haha that's what's up. Congrats on the harvest my brother. If you want a tester on the new strain I would gladly take a few beans off of your hands. Let me know my bro.

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