1. Why can't we publicly kill this guy?? …anybody? And Charlemagne you a straight pile of shit to speak about an 11 year olds "box" like that. …ugly racist ass motherf*cker. Now I can add "disrespectful toward childrens sexual issues" …what a pile of shit, there are no lines that douchebag won't cross for attention. It's pathetic. I truly hope you learn how to treat other humans and how to stop being a racist pile of shit. I lived in Monck's corner, BERKELEY HIGH. No one likes you bro. No one.

  2. Y'all complaining about Charlemagne using offensive terms to describe pregnancy? What bout these blasphemous comments comparing Soulja Boy to The Creator? I understand… his interview was entertaining, he's a smart guy….but we gotta stop disrespecting God like that

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