Kid Cudi: How A Misfit From Cleveland Impacted Hip Hop

Over the past decade, Kid Cudi has changed the landscape of hip hop by inspiring a generation of young artists to be unafraid to explore an array of emotions.


  1. 9:05 The first time I heard man on the moon (the song) I cried. That was the first time I heard a song that really made me feel human. All the things that went on in my head and I didn't know how to express or was afraid to express out of fear of being judged or something it was like cudi took a form and was sitting right beside me hand over the shoulder and saying its ok. I'll forever appreciate kid cudi.

  2. Man, being a kid from cleveland and suffering from depression and anxiety, i love seeing kid cudi show what he can do. what hes been doing. i was in middle school when i first heard day n nite and that got me so deep into his music. probably one of the first artists i tried to listen to their whole discography. his music, like pete and trav said, definitely saved my life. he is a bright light in this world. ive seen him in concert in cleveland and the love he has for this city is astounding. my personal all time favorite. beautiful video, you can tell how much work you put into it. great job man.

  3. I am in tears – what an incredibly profound video essay. You perfectly conveyed the thoughts and emotions of those who have been lifelong Cudi fans. Kid Cudi's music helped me feel less alone during some of my darkest times. The generation raised on pre-stardom Kid Cudi beats was lucky to have this man as a role model, mentor, and artist throughout such a formative time for introspection and psychological well-being. I love this man.

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