1. That Uber driver should be shot, for one going through the man's personal bag, two after the man called for his bag to retrieve it, and he got popo involved, Uber driver is the donkey and a snitch

  2. Uber's are snitches dont trust commercial travel point period becuz they wouldnt trust they own if you get me a regular ghetto nogga moving 2 ps of weed vs the police/ people who took your rights moving 30-58 automatic guns/illegal in circulation today and scary blacks won't acknowledge it tf yall brainwashed nuffsaid…. think about it…

  3. This doesn't make sense Uber driver didn't smell it why did the Uber driver go to the bag I'm at a dime sack will be before in a Uber an Uber driver made a lot of comments about it it even told me stories about him back in the day you telling me to pounds is in your backseat and you don't smell it something's not adding up

  4. PSA!!!! You can get out of charges by say you thought the weed had no THC. You can claim it was CBD weed and you had no idea. Reasonable Doubt. CBD is legal in all 50 states. Looks just like weed and smells like mid.

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