1. Sun Fruit Dan can you please tell me what I can eat when on A parasite cleanse..trying to keep it positive and focus on what I can ingest ..seems like everything has carbs and sugars

  2. Haven't taken any antibiotics maybe when younger cant recall. But lots of high sugar foods and sugar cravings, very poor sleep quantity and quality. Mood swings, high stress anxiety. Now have IBS symptoms, cramping,stomach spasms, bloat, weight loss (unintentional) . 5 months ago begain low amounts of kratom daily 2.5g 2 to 3 z a day. Gluten [oatmeal w honey] and dairy seem to aggrivate symptoms. Would this be beneficial?

  3. You can drink Senna leaf tea to clear out your stomach. 1 teaspoon makes 1 cup of tea and will make you go to bathroom 3 times a day. Dont do it on a work day though

  4. Hey man just one more thing you should let people know about that deals with mostly similar symptoms mentally and more. Is emf radiation. Its really can affect you negatively. Pleasr shed some light on that if you know anything.

  5. I just started the protocol on my first 4 days . . . I like my intuition is great on this. I am on a KETO diet with NO SUGAR (aside from what I just ingested with the turpentine) and well . . . the KETO diet by itself made me feel wonderful! I am not raw vegan (YET) but have been in the past, it was actually just too hard for me with my work life. Once I get to my weight goals, I actually do plan to be vegan again. I do anticipate to continue this protocol because unlike ALL the HERBS I took a few months ago, I had so many reactions from the herbs and no real results. After 70 days my skin was crawling! All the parasites had moved into my limbs and it was the most horrific experience. I actually have cancer in remission and lupus un treated because I have eliminated all my symptoms with the keto diet. Sugar and Grains seem to be the culprits in my life. When I go back to vegan, I am wary of bringing rice and corn back, because boy do I miss them 🙁 . . . either way, I'm incredibly healthy at the moment and I am loving this experiment. I'm appauled at how nasty physicians and critics are being over turpentine, using the photo's from the hardware store and calling people idiots, it's so disheartening what EGO has done to our society. I am grateful to this gent here because he showed me benefits of castor oil last year, which I still love today!!! Thanks for hearing my story!

  6. what I found is that it worked well in the beginning… but we have so much plaque in the colon… im 52 so think not brushing teeth for 52 years…? So what I did was break down bio-film by juicing with citrus… lemons, grape fruit… everyday just in the mornings for a week and then did Turpentine again… more parasites coming out. It seems we need to soften and break down the plaque when the turps doesn't work. It took me two months of this process and only then did I start to pass out Rope worm. I am still in the process. I'm doing hydrogen peroxide in the evenings and back to citrus juicing in the mornings…and what ever is going on in my colon it's not happy… lots of strange noises just like before I passed out the rope worms… starting the good old Turps next week. Another great way to soften the plaque is 1 x teaspoon himilayan salt in a cup of warm water… drink it and hold out for as long as you can with that concentrated salt solution… when you are really frantically thirsty then lemon warm water. The loo will call you within the hour. It seems like it's a process that will take time and dedication. Your energy levels pick up each time you expel so it get's kinda addictive. Gotta get it all out.

  7. yip make sure you have elimanated your last meal before taking this great stuff… if the parasites cannot get a quick exit they flee to every nook and cranny… i got into complacency mode with this good product… was eventually just swigging it out the bottle… colon was not clear one one occasio… couldn't keep my balance… to the brain… heart palpitations… to the heart… shortness of breath… to the lungs… nausea and piercing headache… all normalised when the loo finally called. You would not want to throw up with Turpentine… the fumes. Fantastic product… I'll be taking it again and combining it with a colonic.

  8. I recently compiled a playlist of over 20 videos featuring Dr Jennifer Daniels who has 3 PhD's and she is who you would call the original initiator of the recent major interest in Turpentine Healing and Cleanses on youtube.

    You will find a great deal of information in any one of her videos and all you have to do is insert the name: Dr Jennifer Daniels to find several of them.
    She also has a website http://www.vitalitycapsules.com on which she shares even more information. Yes, she sells products connected to the cleanse, but those came about because so many of her clients asked her to do so.

    She also has a FREE pdf download that gives you all the information you will need to know about the use of Turpentine for this cleanse and so much more. What to do weeks prior, just before and during. How much, how long, how often, what to expect with the die-off of parasites, and the fact that you should have at least 3 bowel movements a day at least a week prior and during the time you are using the Turpentine.

    Very important, as is drinking enough distilled water per day per your body weight to keep the bowels, the lower intestines continually moving stuff out, as that is the pathway for the dead and living parasites to escape.

    Go ahead and watch all the videos you can of the various experiences people have had with this protocol but make sure you get and read the free pdf download before you even think about starting this cleanse. It is very important and will also prevent you from having a very difficult time of it and/or wasting your time by going about it in a very ineffective way.

    Headaches and other uncomfortable feelings are usually due to the parasite die off and not drinking enough water and not having at least 3 bowel movements a day.

    You have to avoid certain foods if you don't want to have a very uncomfortable time of it, which you will, depending on how sick you were before you started and how much junk you eat. That is the very reason for cleaning up your diet and bowels before you start so that you won't have to feel crummy during the process.

  9. I've watched a lot of your videos on this and finally realised you were saying "die off" symptoms where I originally thought you were saying "dark" symptoms and I was scared to do it 🤣 well thank you and bottoms up.

  10. Yes, good idea to start with castor oil to get a cleanse of the bowels then start the turpentine while eating huge salads & soups each day… if your having good bowel movements then you can continue for up to 2 weeks… and more if needed…

  11. is this safe to take while breast feeding? I've been having a papaya seed smoothie first thing in the morning with great results. I've got an autoimmune disease and I'm sure these parasites caused my leaky gut, food sensitivites and contributed to my autoimmune disease. Little buggers.

  12. SunfruitDan, is it common to have bad eye floaters with a parasite/candida problem? I have been having issues with parasites and have had really bad eye floaters since I have them. Also, does turpentine cure Lyme Disease?

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