1. I've been a hairstylist for over a decade and due to working long hours, in heels, I developed severe bilateral sciatica. It is excruciating, to the point where I literally am incapable of walking and sometimes even moving. Vicodin, Norco, Naproxen and Morphine have proved useless, but the right topical (Lord Jones, Papa and Barkley, Honey Pot) and tincture can work miracles within minutes.

  2. I would love to try CBD for my chronic pain but I live in a state where it is illegal. Why can't we just do some testing and make CBD legal💁I am currently trying magnesium oil but I am pretty skeptical… It would be great if it worked🙌I love these chronic pain videos because it's nice to watch someone who gets it and the people around me just don't understand what I am going through or what day to day life is like for me.

  3. Excellent content! I'm ex-military and I've had 12 spinal surgeries some pretty tired of pain and taking pain medication. I think it's time to give this a shot thanks for the video much appreciated!


  4. I had stage 4 endometriosis for years and couldn't deal with it anymore. The endometriosis actually lead to the discovery of cancerous tumors and tissue. Being located in the midwest or heartland of America, most people and even doctors told me my pain was in my head or just period cramps. After 3 years of searching for the cause and going from doctor to doctor, I finally found an OB/GYN who diagnosed me with endometriosis. I did several different types of "treatment" to attempt to make it more manageable, and spoiler alert, I still have pain and such associated with endometriosis. After the years of suffering through finding out what was wrong and trying the various treatments I decided that a hysterectomy was my last chance to have as close to a normal, pain free experience as possible. So at the age of 26 I had a partially complete hysterectomy, meaning I still have one ovary to help with hormones. And even having a serious surgery at such a young age, I still deal with endometriosis pain.

    So what all that was getting to is that even after trying every option that doctors could present to me and everything I had researched, it's still a problem. A problem I now attempt to cope with by using marijuana products. If marijuana products were legal to obtain in ALL of the US, perhaps some people wouldn't have to jump through ridiculous hoops either trying new medical treatments that may not even work at all or break the law to get CBD or weed to help themselves or however else they try to cope.

    Everyone's pain is theirs. Never be someone who belittles that. It's hard enough to struggle knowing that something isn't right with you. We don't need our friends, family, doctors or anyone telling us that we're fine or making it up. Please be a decent human <3

  5. Woow it's crazy what CBD can cure! It is a miracle <3 I wanted to buy but the thing is not a lot of website deliver in Europe so was not able to buy. Hopefully i founded dat website guys it's a pleasure to share with you cause the customer service of dat website has been so nice with me so i want to advertise for them x) http://www.plantandhemp.com 😉 Peace and thanks to CBD 🙂

  6. I live in Texas and I suffer chronic pain my back and legs and feet and hands because of my nerves damage. Because of this I have been on hydrocodone and gapapentin for years. I wish I could use these products that wouldn't make me sleepy and wouldn't hurt my kiddnys and liver. We need to change the laws.

  7. Honestly I just think people are trying to incorporate as much weed into products as possible just to profit off of the weed trend. It really is a great marketing strategy

  8. I am so allergic to all of them. Anything made from marijuana makes me so sick.
    I have crohns disease and so many people are finding relief with cbd/thc. I've tried. Over and over..I just throw up and break out in hives. Its awful.
    I'm glad it works for so many.

  9. I have endometriosis too, and right now I'm in so much pain. It's such a shame that a lot of these products aren't available in the UK. I have heard that the 1:1 is ment to work a lot better. There is nothing I can do when the pain flairs but cry and roll around in bed…you just don't want to live when your in that much pain

  10. my sister keeps talking about how cbd is basically the second coming of jesus but until now i wasn't interested, however i'm gonna look up if cbd suppositories are available in germany bc i'm so freaking tired of period cramps that i'm considering having my uterus removed, might as well try this first

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