HONEYCOMB – Honey & Beeswax- Taste Test | The purest form of honey

I’m tasting 3 varieties of honeycomb, honey still stored in the beeswax cells. Learn how the honeycomb is made and harvest and most importantly how it tastes.


  1. You’re so cool period.
    Thanks for this informative video, Emmy!
    Never been a huge fan of honey, but I’m craving it now, especially with cheese and buttered toast!!!

  2. I was hoping Emmy would take small tastes of different parts of the comb she had to see if it had different flavors.

    I had read someone describing how different parts of the same honeycomb can taste different, which makes sense because bees may be coming back from different kinds of flowers in the same local area. That same account mentioned sometimes you can see differences in the color of the same comb. So if you see a piece that has dark and light areas, it doesn’t mean it’s gone bad, but rather the honey in those sections are a little different to each other and will taste different!

  3. queen bees have their wings cut off and sometimes the queen is not accepted in the hive if she is not originally from that hive, and is killed by the other bees. Because it's cheaper to just buy new bees in spring, instead of feeding them during winter in cold climates, the whole hive is destroyed by fire to save money. Obviously humans make honey production cruel.

  4. I've been told that if you have allergies that it's a kind of natural therapy to eat the locally produced honey it's supposed to help boost your emuninity to the local pollins?not sure if it's true or just a old wives tale! A good excuse to eat locally produced honey anyway! Enjoy love to Emmy and her family as always God bless

  5. Hi omg I really am a big fan of you every single day my brother and i always see you even tho we have to sleep early but we really like your videos and support them my brother follows you in every social media that u have and I really love your channel and videos love you Emmy 😄😄😁😁☺️😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

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