HD How To Grow Spinach In Containers

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  1. Great videos! Now who do you think gets the best plants, an atheist with 30 years gardening experience or somebody who plants and prays? Correct, experience trumps hope every time.

    ‘By their fruits shall ye know them.’ Matthew 7:16

  2. GREAT video… I wanted to ask you a question as I am a beginner. I have spouted seedlings of spinach ready to go, problem is (I think its a problem) it is late spring here in Central California and I am concerned about temp and what I hear people talk about "bolting" – do you think I should be concerned? do these need direct sun or can I put them in a cooler area? right now we are in the 80's. last week hit low 90s.. but soon in about a month we will be at 100

    thanks for the informational video!

  3. Okay I’m hooked. I am looking to start growing some of my own food that I’ve been wanting to do for the past few years bu this year I’m actually going to start it_ God willing. Looked at many YouTube videos on how to start with spinach and come across your video and was hooked on you guys once I heard you guys give praise to the all mighty :). I am going to start this today and I hope its good time. Maybe you can let me know… its march here I’m in philly Pa. Temp is about 42 degrees. Is this okay to plant and put outside or is that still too cold? Oh also , I am starting from seeds I got the Burpee spinach Salad Sensation Hybrid kind.

  4. Have y'all done a video on Swiss chard?
    I live in Texas and I had a problem with my Swiss chard. I directly sowed them outside, they germinated but got very leggy. I am not sure why. Any tips?

  5. Well I certainly do believe that the Lord God led me to your channel. He told my mother over 4 years ago to create a Garden. because we know there will be a time of great famine coming. We believe that the Bible is true, and so we need to be ready for whatever is coming. God will provide for us! But the thing is our soil is terrible to plant things, so instead my mom began a garden outside of the soil. She ended up getting somekind of gardening bag and already green bell peppers are growing! My dog ate it though. =(The carrots got messed up she started too late. But this is great idea. I will make sure to show her. I love spinach, and salad too! But even better home grown! =) God bless you, and thanks for sharing your tips with us!

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