1. Big ups to ya bow hunter. Seems you got a lot of the basics down.a lot of farming in general is study and cautious trail and error.myself I devoured sites such as ICMAG and 420 magazine. As well others.study your ass off and then hands on work.
    Don’t skimp on lighting or your environment.old school magnetic ballast catch hell these days but I love em. Intake and exhaust are big also imo. And finally when your first figuring things out stick with one medium for a while. I think if you can get it over there, coco is an awesome medium. It’s forgiving but you have control over your nutrients more so than soil.
    Keep your head up. Be safe. Security is big also.you got this. ✌️

  2. I like to step my plants up more often. I noticed seedling in maybe a 3 or 5 gal? i like to cut a clone root it in "rapid rooters" and then move to 1gals until im almost ready to flip and then like 3-7 days b4. I transplant into 3 or 5 gal homes to finish in. I've just noticed that I get faster growth that way in my grow. (remember this is all my opinion) thanks for the video and sharing!

  3. Every nutrient used in the USA is easily available in the UK in fact UK get the best of the best of everything direct from The Netherlands who are by far the World leaders in cannabis cultivation so no probs here in fact lots of Dutch nutrition companies actually produce these products in England 👍🏻

  4. I love these grow room evaluations. I've watched all your videos. And I listen to 85% of what you say. Lol. But follow about all of what you say. Keep putting these videos out. It really helps the novice grower. And as always stay medicated my friend 😉😎

  5. I just subbed him..i was gonna say that stuff gives me a mircle grow feel.the t5 will do good but the cfl can also do quite well if kalvens are right.i used a few 300 watt equivalent for a couple grows.its an oversized cfl that i actually use for my seedling now,5 years after i bought it its still going strong.if he used 4 of those he would transform his overall grow..feel free to review my grow as well🍻🍻🍻

  6. Yo them eggshells will attract pest and mess with ur ph too. Love, the different end of the spectrum than the last,grow room video this guy could actually use some good advice keep up the good work

  7. everyone starts from some where twenty two years ago I used cow and rabbit manure from are farm that pushed into a pile almost 15 ft high I dug from the oldest side of the pile it wasn't even manure anymore it was the blackest darkest looking stuff I've ever seen it was full of those little earth worms not the huge ones you use for fishing I added coffee grinds and lots of fish carcasses from fishing and grass cutting for one summer along with vegetable table scrapes after six months it was some of the best soil I've ever seen

  8. Uk totally illegal to grow your own or sell anything,but there’s hydro shops everywhere that sell everything 😂😂..medical laws I’m unsure of even though my own gp told me I should try it for my chronic pain 😂😂🙄

  9. I think it's great. I hate growers that expect things without trying and after 4 weeks of growing they quit. 👍on keeping it going. I'm sure after a harvest or two you will have it on lockdown. I have seen great product with no till living organic compost or something like that. And I think all you do is feed it tea. hope it all goes well

  10. I'm also in the uk/Scotland but a little confused as there are hydro shops everywhere,the laws are crap but it is legal to sell grow equipment i imagine it's a first grow perhaps. Well done for what you're working with thou!

  11. Id ditch the woody compost and go with alittle more airy with perlite and make somenkind of super soil outta it, im sure theres some kind of gardening store near by to buy dry amendments. 🤓 ps dont ban me! Also where do i send my video 🤔

  12. Hows it . That really a fair assessment and I appreciate it . I will have to watch it back over and take it in and research . Cheers my video skills are crap . Ps nz not UK Mauriora

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