1. That's why I hate least ripping before flowering. But I do defoliate pretty well 3 or 4 days before flowering. Just like you I made the same mistake gave them a lot of water 💦. They didn't take it well what saved me is that I'm in Promix. So I let them dry all the way out. Then gave them very a quart every 3 day to let the roots zone recover. After a week and a half wow.

  2. Had rot in dwc many times over decades lol…i never had a chiller lol, never in cubes… though I've used them. Live and learn, I was guessing over saturation before seeing the cubes, I feel for ya been there many times, happy new year 👊✌

  3. i had a similar issue with a plant regarding root rot. somebody told me that you cant over water coco (bullshit). i saved the plant from dying with enzymes and og biowar teas

  4. THCTitan been subbed for ever always love the vids One of the growers that made me want to get started!! And I finally did would love some advice from the Titan check it out brother. Thanks and your garden is looking good!!!

  5. Man you have stressed them the F out then flipping them straight into flower. My opinion you should have flipped them into flower let them settle and recover for a couple of weeks then give them a defoliate but not so harsh with it strip them in week 2 then about week 5 and leave them.. live and learn bro.

  6. I just had my biggest plant do the same exact thing We couldn't figure it out I've never had root rot before I had no clue what was wrong with her ahhhhhh Good luck with the rest of the garden now you know what's up I'm sure you'll get it done now Happy Holidays to you and yours

  7. Ah damn root rot I guessed underwatering I thought maybe some hose came disconnected.
    Man just get those suckers out of there so they can't spread that s*** everything else looks great my friend.
    I lost half of my dark plasma females to root rot because I was trying to do a hybrid organic / synthetic system and I had an overgrowth of bad fungus and bacteria it happens bro… Edit sucks I thought it was only 2 🙁 I bet you still pull a hood haul. I ahev found removing plants does cause others to expand thier footprint

  8. I'll say I wish that was one thing you did more of when you did the flood and drain with Coco I know it seemed illlogical like they were being over-watered maybe but giving them the extra watering actually helps I was doing three times a day then I got plants just like that gigantic plants in small pots… Edit then this, now it's like crap I would be shy to do that now!!

  9. I'm about to head out for my morning commute I usually let your videos play during that time I usually leave a comment right away and then I'll leave one after I finish watching the video or I'll edit my comment.
    I'm sorry I can't not comment without seeing the title I just got to say I'm so sorry whatever it is that happened I'm about to find out in about 10 minutes but at least I know you'll recover and learn from it whatever it was I'll be back in a bit…

  10. I don't think I've ever seen Pythium in rockwool? That sucks, but it's important to know it's even possible. Smaller roots = weaker plants = oversaturation after de-leafing = little/no oxygen = root rot in only those plants?

    Anyway, first thing in hydro would be check res temps and is there enough aeration. I don't know if those directly apply here… But it can't hurt to mention it as a source of bacteria. Treating it in hydro means fresh res change and sterilize with H2O2… Give it a few weeks to recover and grow new roots while the rotten ones die off. Hydroguard and/or Hygrozyme are best used at this time to process some of the dead material. Then either keep it sterile or add beneficials and flip once it recovers.

  11. I use chloramine as a preventative measure but products can only help so much. Warm, stale, dense soggy medium = not good. Need to ensure you have that evaporate swamp cooling effect and oxygen replacing in the block from appropriate sized plant causing fast wet/dry cycles through transpiration. I spotted problems early on the plants were slow and struggling to get established in that environment. I knew you were still over wet because of the stunted tighter structure and then when you stripped them bare that they'd basically stop drinking and blocks would get soggy, stale and warm again.
    It's not that one can't grow in rockwool you just have to be aware of how to get the best out of the choice of medium and plan to avoid the pitfalls. There are mediums that you basically can't over water which can make things easier. Rock wool is not one of them. http://nebula.wsimg.com/f05cfe9993b819f58fd7486b2a7e078a?AccessKeyId=1793D99305DCEA580851&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

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