Emotions run high over debate on recreational marijuana

A news conference called by opponents of legalization Wednesday was marked by heckling from marijuana supporters before ending in a shouting match.


  1. The amount of misinformation blows my mind. That lady that said her son was killed by an intoxicated driver… INACTIVE thc metabolites stay in your system for weeks. That is not indicative of thc impairment. What killed your son was something totally legal which was alcohol.

  2. Marijuana makes darkies think they're as good as white men

    Racism is the basis for ALL American drug laws
    – cocaine, turns black men into bulletproof rapists
    – marijuana, turns Mexicans into bulletproof rapists
    – opium, turns Asians into bulletproof rapists

    All drug laws were put into place to protect the "chastity" of white women, which never existed in the first place

  3. Marijuana is not addictive. It's the person. They are weak minded. Probably the same people that can't stop drinking sodas or eating candy. So many people smoke weed as a teen then quit when they become an adult because they need a job. They quit with no problems. Pills and alcohol are highly addictive they can kill you when you try to quit them. Also pills and alcohol kill more people in one day than weed kills in a year.

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