Economic Update: Politicians Faking It

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  1. Very astute (sleazy) of the Saudis to dupe vets, like an Iraqi, Afghani, Yemeni etc. Is gonna sue individual soldiers when they are actually suing governments that sent those soldiers.

  2. I used to marvel at how un/mis informed the majority of the US is about the economic and even environmental perils they face, yet you can only put a coat of paint on rotten wood so long before the whole structure collapses. I appreciate this guest speaker very much for the frank and neutral assessment of the economy at large. At least two things should never be politicized – war and economics, failure in that leads to doom.

  3. What's happening in Venezuela is US Imperialism world domination via breaking weakening the unity of Venezuela Russia Bolivia Syria and China Iran Korea in order to conquer them .This Imperialistic US policy is a prescription for disaster .We have lunatics running the US into the poor house .The International community is going to abandon the US for being the bully in the international neighborhood and that's is going to sadly sooner rather than later going to crash the US Stock markets .The Rich and Wall Street are destroying America

  4. Do these leaders who funnel all moneys (taxes) to the giant corporations at the expense of the tax payers realize this fits the f'n totalitarian state concept ? and do the tax payers realize it?

  5. when you're laundering money left and right you can do those kinds of things…

    oh yeah also when you got a population of just over 500k and the entire country is the size of a metropolitan city, you can do things like that.

  6. According to 'My Life' by Fidel Castro, Cuba once made public transport free. However, it meant people were using the bus just to go one stop and this was causing several problems so they introduced a minimal charge.

  7. 11:50 to 13:40
    Needs to be shown worldwide!! Needs to be shown to adults working for a paycheck, to college kids deciding on what to do with their lives, to mothers who want their kids to grow up happy and strong.
    Too Everyone. Can someone clip it for me, please.

  8. to clarify the part about portugal:
    the socialist party is actually closer to what most people consider social democrats
    the green party and the communist party always run together in a pre-election coalition
    the actual third party of the coalition is something that can be roughly translated as the 'left wing block" and was at its inception essentially a spin-off of the communist party

  9. Dear Prof.Wolff…thank you for your program. Your insights into the economics that are controlling our daily lives are very revealing and uplifting. Would you consider to support the young progressive Democrats in the US Congress with your insights into the economic issues the will have to deal with in their work in the US Congress? I think that your support will be very helpful to them.

  10. As a critical leftist i ask: is it really necessary to wait for the capitalists to be forced by government or politicians or by a violent revolution to convert the western economical system?
    The unruled capitalism have a lot of cons for the average people, but it is certain that anybody can build up an enterprise or open a little shop, so why instead of complaining and waiting for someone else to change the economy from the way it is, we do not start creating a network to put knowledge, work and the economic resources that we have together and start from there to build up a new economic realities that will serve as an example for people all.
    I honestly think that the leftists should stop with the complaints, stop pretending from who want to live his life for himself now, even if they are selfish in some way, stop with sjw irrational bullcraps and start to critique ourselves and become more consistent with the collectivism idea (not the damaging ideology)
    Because in my humble opinion we have lost from sight our biggest enemies: greed and envy.
    And to start change something i think we should start analyzing and change ourselves first.
    Salute from italy.
    Sorry if i made some writing mistakes in your language.

  11. Patreon is censoring people they don’t like. I’m surprised Richard Wolff would condone this. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING. Many are trying to find other ways of financing their platforms due to corporate free speech attacks by Patreon.

  12. You lost me at media trying make trump look good. You really did it when you insinuate China's higher education is something to be admired. They send all students worth higher education abroad for a reason.

    Lie to me about things I know, how can I trust the other things you say?

  13. Apropos minute 08:57. This report (following) from 2013 may hint that Danske Bank has some experience in this area:
    "Italy’s securities dropped for the first time in four days as Reuters reported Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem as saying the Cypriot rescue plan, which included losses for some bondholders and depositors, may become a template for euro- area bank bailouts. Cypriot lawmaker Nicholas Papadopoulos, chairman of the parliamentary finance committee, said the nation must explore the benefits of exiting the euro area. German bonds advanced as investors sought the region’s safest securities.
    " 'It’s a very blunt suggestion that uninsured depositors are likely to contribute to banking bail-ins in future,' said Owen Callan, an analyst at Danske Bank A/S in Dublin. 'Spanish and Italian bonds are falling and bunds are rising because it suggests that Cyprus is not in fact a unique case.' " (the emphasis has been altered from the original) (quoting Bloomberg News )

  14. The answer to the broken banker system is NOT government controlled money. Who regulates the regulators? That is the ultimate conflict of interest. Take control of your own money!

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