“DYING on WEED” | Are drugs dangerous to society and culture? | Depersonalization HELP

In my opinion this is one of the most important videos I’ve created and one of my favorites, yet, because it talks about drugs and weed it will likely not be …


  1. Your view on life is the answer the corrupt future ahead omds,1m 15 n i’ve been smoking weed for about two years and recently taken ldc, nd I’ve never felt so connected yet so detached? your videos really bring me a sort of core reality where everything feels flowy and present , I have moments where i question reality and feel like Im being driven from it but i just come across your channel almost every time it happens. Really helps tbh

  2. Ive been smoking weed daily for about 2 years now. I would usually smoke every other day. But now its like 3/4 joints/blunts a day. And tbh i looooove weed! But i do feel like being sober like you described for a week then smoking would be pretty good for me. But the urges to smoke, the actions to smoke (grinding rolling and what not) keep me in i enjoy the process . Only time i feel like not smoking is when im depressed as shit. I really wanna take a break but ultimately i refuse. Feel like my memory is getting shittier, my drive for life has been sluggish i feel lathargic half the time. Again i love weed but i do agree i should portion and ration myself better. Ill try and work on it. Thanks for this video!

  3. A machine civilisation would be an infinitely better alternative compared to this prison of a body we must inhabit. A body which must sleep, defecate, feels great pain when something goes wrong and requires immense amounts of energy to manufacture food and then dispose of the waste afterwards. A robot would only require the energy to manufacture and power itself. Those energies would be utterly miniscule in comparison to what a human needs.

  4. Bro, no offence, but I think you need to get a haircut.. this long hairstyle makes you look like you are from the 80's-90's. I just think this look doesn't work for you. Think about it 🙂

  5. This is one of my favorite videos and the topics are ones I dive into a lot as well (especially the impulsiveness society promotes). You have such intelligent points and your recognition is far from what it needs to be.

  6. Little things like cooking your own meals. Mostly plant based diet. Recycling. Electric vehicles or bikes. Exercise. Writing. Drawing. Living. Being a man. Being a woman. Sex. Celibacy. Tantra.

  7. Listening to you brings sensations of oneness and the feeling that I, as well as many others, are feeling the same way. Small communities of like minded people have the potential to change the world. I love to watch change unfold from within as we make our way (full circle) back to source.
    Also I get the feeling like we are under water all the time now! Especially looking up at night. Like we are really just complicated fish at the bottom of a complicated sea. “As above, so below”

  8. Why are you charging people to talk to you privately. Are you a licensed therapist or something? Why don’t you do the right thing and talk to people for free, very disappointed when I read that. I talk to people every day and give them my best insight for FREE. Idk I’m very confused by that statement in the video description….

  9. I had an ego death when i was 14 years old, just by estudying Cience to much… Today im 25 and had some ego death by weed and LSD also, and i can tell you, the estudying can make your ego die pretty more hard then any "drugs"… Knowledge is bad for ego. Agreed with all you say, because its basicaly cience. Keep it up.

    Btw, guys, you can live pretty well with depersonalization… Dont panic, and embrace your meaningless, as you are. And use it to do good, as the clicê says, all we really need is love. <3

  10. This is exactly what Bruce lee would preach. Learn thy art of dying. It Grant's a perception of awareness expanding to a level of deeper objective understanding. Feeling instead of thinking. Intuition aswell as mind connected to a higher source. Fluidity within the moment and significance of experience occurring almost non stop. Greed will dwindle away.

  11. i've only just came across your channel, and man you're amazing. I love your insights and i'm genuinely excited to watch your backlog of videos.

    keep up this amazing channel man, you're truly respected.

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