1. Dr. Gerry is a bad ass dude. Need more people like him. If transpersonal, transcultural, ego obliterating, were made standard in conventional psychotherapy, the world would be a very trippy place.

  2. Mike, a message from me with great respect. I just watched a documentary about you a few days ago… i learned about youre whole story… for you to be what you are, you are a beautiful being. Truly. Man i cant fuckin believe this. Its all good man! Wow those two snakes really fucked up your life and i hate them for how devious, cunning, greedy, vile and selfish they were/are.

    But man look at you… Mike Tyson there are not many people who i look up to as much as you. Not because of your boxing talent, but because of what you are! Today! After all that shit omg man im so happy for all of us!!!

    Cus D’Matto, you will always be remembered! What a compassionate wise man he was..

    P.S. i am also one of the few who know of the virtues of psychedelics… i never tried toad, but Mike i can understand you my friend, my brother, and my Senior.

  3. God damnit I love Mike. It's beautiful that he was the epitome of a bad ass, feared, tough as shit and powerful, a wild scary stare, just an all out animal in his prime, not to mention emotionally damaged and with a very sad story as a young man until he met Cus, and even AFTER that things went wrong again – but now he's at peace and clearly has a lot of empathy and a good hold of his emotions. It just goes to show that people need to be understood and helped and not feared.

  4. Wow love you all and great to see Mike in his real self….tell me guys where to get and try DMT….I'm English but living in Bulgaria but really want to try it….educate me guys

  5. That anger is so wrapped up in ego and fear. Probably one of the best things for Mike to find and I'm guessing he wishes he found it a long time ago. Had my first acid trip at 16 and now being 19 I feel so lucky to discover psychedelics at such a young age. I relate with the doctor as in I dose about every other month or maybe even every other year depending on the availability but that little realignment kick in the ego it gives you is such a valuable thing to incorporate into your life if you can find a way to benefit you.

    A special thank you to Mike and the people who are helping him make this podcast happen. As a young man still learning a lot about the fucked up/beautiful/weird ass thing that is the human experience a podcast like this is very valuable. Hearing stories from the past generation who have (to put it lightly) "been through some shit" in some of the most crazy ways imaginable like Mike. It Helps me spot for potholes in life that will inevitably come my way. Again much love to mike and the rest for making this happen <3 I'm sure you know it's appreciated.

  6. Mike, I just came from a LSD trip and first I listened to Joe and you and found out about your show!!! You're an example of a change. I was in prison 15 years and now having different life thanks to psychedelics!

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