Do Mobile Phones Affect Brain Function?

The World Health Organization concluded that cell phone radiation may cause brain tumors, but what about effects on cognitive function? Subscribe to Dr.


  1. that is wrong with every major industry… they always says there is no problem. .. where is the fucking government supposed to protect its citizens and not the companies, ah yes, the government officials are in the books of those companies… which should be illegal …

  2. For me the benefits that come with modern technology far outweigh any possible risk, I value communication, information, job opportunity and entertainment more than the incomprehensible health benefits of no radiowave exposure. Of course this is just my subjective view on the topic, but I funny about the people who reject this technology in favor of "health". I mean now that even governments are funding AI projects and in parallel we're seeing more research done on connectomes and their preservation we're moving into transhumanism territory where humans may one day be immortal with the use of computers, and yet there people crying over ditching their phones (also if you believe radiowaves are toxic you should consider avoiding visible light (sun, light bulbs, etc.) because this type of electromagnetic wave carries more energy than radiowaves, thus following the logic you're being intoxicated every second you're not in complete darkness).

  3. I would LOVE to see if there is any consensus of fasting/intermittent fasting based on scientific merit. Especially for people on a plant-based diet. I feel like many of the people who are benefitting the most are those eating a SAD diet in the first place so of course they're going to be getting benefits of prolonged durations without food

  4. all these studies have been paid for by the telecommunications industry so what do you expect. and scientists lose their funding if they find effects from cell phones. the telecommunications industry learnt their lesson from the tobacco industry. at the moment, we have malcom turnball as our prime minister and he used to work for the telecommunications industry and was the telecommunications minister. so we've basically got the telecommunications industry running our country. rodney croft, a scientist in australia paid by the telecommunications industry is there to not find effects from wireless radiation. the telecommunication industry aren't idiots but it would seem those who believe the reports that cell phone radiation is safe are really stupid or blissfully ignorant.

  5. a variety of studies over the last few decades, including some that were eventually leaked from military sources show that microwave radiation can cause DNA damage, cancer and a variety of other health problems. Weaponisation of this began a long time ago.

  6. Are organs the only thing that can get cancer? Why is everyone looking at brain cancer rates. If cell phones were causing cancer wouldn't we see increased rated of hand related illness, like arthritis and other things like that maybe cancer of the hand if that exists?

  7. Ever noticed how your phone gets hot when you're using it for like 10 minutes or longer? Your skin sometimes starts to sweat where it touches your skin.

    That heat radiates into your head as well. What effect does that heat have?

    Don't know?

    That"s about how much you can know about the effects of celphone EMFs.

    The sun is a very strong source of EMF. How much brain cancer do you get from sitting in the sun? Not a whole lot. You skin protects your body. But celphone radiation is less energetic. It doesn't have the ability to change dna. Ultraviolet radiation does have the energy to do that. But cellphone radiation is much lower energy than even normal light.

    So,… The small amounts of energy coming out of a phone aren't enough to heat anything. The reason your phone gets hot is the battery heating up because it's discharging fast.

  8. There are many hundreds of papers covering the effect which microwaves and LF EMF have on oxidative stress, voltage-gated calcium channels, the immune system and the blood-brain barrier. I would look at those first.

  9. Even if it did, it wouldn't change anything. There's never been a greater addiction globally than that of cell phones. More people have cell phones than toilets. And people are surgically attached to them. What a phenomenal culture change.

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