1. Trich city!!! Healthy and happy looking grow man!!
    Hey I'd really love to try out your peanut butter and monkey butter a nd oh snap. I Keep checking site daily but says out of stock. Any good news hopefully?
    Thanks much.

  2. More plants = more root mass that translates into more meds with less veg time. Everything has tradeoffs. It also translates to more successful strain hunting to find the cuts that work with whatever methods/techniques out there. Great growing.

  3. This strain grows so slow and strait up with no branches when all 11 of my other strains are blasting off. What am i doing wrong? i dont over water and the ph is 6.2-6.5 with a standard 2 part nutrient solution and its the smallest plant in the bunch! please help me

  4. Brother. So happy to be able to comment again. I honestly was amazed at some of the phenos you have their. resin production is beyond . The part where you cut to disconnecting the hose with the flora flex is lit. great footage. Lol loved it. hope all is well THC.

  5. Wow that purple punch is stunning under the LED Quantum board.
    I'm really curious if the ones hadn't been stunted under the double ended HPS how they would have performed compared to the quantum boards because I'm really really wanting to switch over to those.
    Also thanks for talking about what you want to model or rather what you want people to model after.
    I'm just a beginner myself I'm in my second year I do learn very fast so in my opinion I think I'm doing a pretty decent job always room to learn though but I don't want people to model after me not yet anyway.
    I guess I just need to make it clear that my videos are just documentation of experience.
    Anyway hoping to see some people at the cup this weekend not sure if anybody is going to be in Michigan but hope to see some people there much Growers love and cheers

  6. Use the Bridgelux Eb Gen 2. they're cheap enough to cover your walls in them and the they are still efficient enough to Give HPS a run for its money. As GM5 about them. they're legit and cheap. You can get them on Digikey or Arrow. probably other electronic suppliers as well.

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