1. He sucks, do you know what sucks is? sucks is even better, More like swallow shit. lyrics are "I know it feels frustrating saturated like you can't make it" Do you even know what he's saying, nothing just words to rhyme like a moron. WHERE HAS ALL THE GOOD RAP GONE? up his ass, Gizzed and swallowed by him and good lyrics got scrampled.

  2. This may be the place to ask – there's a song by some East Coaster hip hop artist from Canada who did a song I saw on Much Music back in the 90's. I've been trying to figure out who it was and what the song was. All I remember is that Soldier of Fortune was either part of the group name, or it was the name of the song. Maybe people who like this guy will know who it was and what song it was.

    I can bring nothing up on Google. I can't remember lyrics. I just remember some guy that I think was a little chubby rapping it and it was kind of Jazzy. I think there may have been two dude in the group, but maybe it was just the one. This was like 20+ years ago, so probably a no go – but worth a shot.

    I don't think they ever got too big – but I really liked that song and somehow remembered it recently. Of course, I can't remember enough and it's driving me a little nuts.

  3. Can't say this often but I've never disliked a track of Luke's new stuff is so relatable for fatherhood and his old stuff was and is just my perfect rap listening style. Shits for ty for always being true to your style and never giving in to record label demands unless u wanted to do it personally

  4. I am so glad I found Classified, I might be a bit late to the party, but better late than never. I love Canada and everything about it, especially the hip-hop scene. Looking forward to living there one day soon 🙂 Much love from a German living in the Netherlands!

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