1. Hate to tell you but cats will always scratch everything and anything even when you buy scratching posts and stuff like that lol just remember, it’s their house not yours 🤣🤣

  2. You should get him a scratching post they have very good none expensive ones on amazon and for started to teach him not to scratch if the spray doesn’t work just get a actual scratching post or squirt him a little with water and say no I hope this helps it helped my cats 🙂 best of lucks p.s he’s adorable 😻

  3. I remember coming up on your first video of going to a job interview, and look at you now . You got yourself A whole apartment 😱. 👏🏼🙌🏼 congratulations! Young humble and grinding .

  4. Looove 😻😻 your brown stand up shelf & apartment/living room would look bomb if it was filled with plants or even fake plants/having a tapestry, they are cheap off amazon!! 💓

  5. You’re such a responsible weedtuber! Makes people change the way they see herbs ❤️ love you smoked a blunt just to watch your video 😘 I’m a supporter since your first video with your friend in the car 😂 love you girl!! We should hang out when i go to Cali again 🤘🏼 #houstonfamily

  6. yo dest is ur apartment enclosed in a space with other apartments?? we move in four days to an apartment that shares a hallway area with other apartments and i’m worried about smoking inside and them smelling it.

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