1. Continued from: My Investigation.
    Secondly, My I Speak My Mind for a Moment. .IF IT WAS A LAW PASSED FOR (TAKING FROM THE PEOPLE ) OF Traffic laws Ordinances ect….
    (NEW TAXES OR LEVY"$)…16 Months ago.. It Would Have been a DONE DEAL..Just Give That Some DEEP THINKING..AS I ALREADY HAVE..MY License from North Carolina. .as of
    Going on 6 yrs..I'm Fed-Up
    With the BULLSHIT

  2. No Luck…Needed..For What is Going to Happen…But Let Me Tell You This…I Consider This Problem
    A Global Catastrophic Event..
    I Have …(Labeled)
    The( Chemicals )
    Loose on Our Street's
    As …" WEAPONS OF:
    But Listen Close about
    The Laws Connected to it
    Example:…it's Now (16 Month's )
    Since( Ohio's) (Medical Marijuana) (Law Passed)..Dr's are just Now a Few Weeks Ago Applied for Licensing. .Three Dispensaries have" Been Approved"..Sept of This Year..It Might. ..Get To The Stage of Getting to The People in Need.(.Maybe )..

  3. A message from the UK to Gayle Jordan: I came across your name for the first time on 12th March 2018, when you were interviewed by: TYT – Cenk Uygur – "Secular Tennessee Candidate Endures Attacks Over Religion – The Young Turks". the interview has shown me that along with Senator Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, to name a few of American Female Politicians and Candidates, America has many BRILLIANT and INTELLIGENT WOMEN in politics. Viewed from outside U.S.A, American Media such as FOX-FRIENDS-NEWS, seemed to be run by a bunch 'NAIVE', at best, 'IGNORANT' at worst, type of TV-Broadcasters in comparison to what we have in the UK. I think you have demonstrated during the interview that a politician's role is to serve the NATION and its PEOPLE, facilitate the creation of new Laws that are pertinent to modern life and living, and to serve with integrity to unite the Nation's People in order to ameliorate their social/economic condition. People who voted for Donald Trump will soon, or in the next year or so, come to realise that TRUMP has done 99% to AMELIORATE HIS FINANCIAL INTERESTS and those of his FRIENDS IN MAJOR BANKS AND CORPORATIONS in america, and does not give a 'hoot' about the poor people of America including the VOTERS who voted for him. I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK. FEAR NOT THE TRUTH OF BEING WHAT YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN SO LONG AS YOUR INTENTIONS ARE TO PLAY AN IMPORTANT PART IN MAKING LIFE BETTER FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT DO IT ON THEIR OWN IN YOUR OWN GREAT COUNTRY, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Good luck BRAVE LADY.

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