1. Anecdotally, I figured out you have to take at least 3 TIMES to 4 TIMES the dose recommended on the label and wait at least 2 HOURS to feel the effects of a quality CBD oil taken orally. The only problem is that it can get expensive but will get the job done. Try again

  2. Hey man usually the people that cbd helps are people that have disorders. I have fibromyalgia and one of things that’s part of it is I’m deficient in cannabinoids which regulates my nervous system. This cause me a lot of pain since I’m deficient and other problems. The reason it might not have helped you and your coworker is becauseyour not deficient you brain is producing a sufficient amount so you don’t notice anything which is a good thing just wanted to let you know as it depends on the person and how they/ there brain reacts to it

  3. Hows it going Mike, my brother has a cbd company based in the uk and his company does tons of research and provide a lot of transparency with their products. shall i get him to send you an email?

    take care bro

  4. if you want actual CBD benefits then go smoke a good CBD flower by a good grower. It can change your life. The oil is bullshit and they take out a lot of terpenes and other good stuff out of the flower.

  5. Mike are you straight Judah or are you mixed with Gad namely Choctaw ?? On another note, I did buy some CBD but from Canada. It works well for people with epilepsy, seizures, or night terrors and to calm those with autism. That's like the area in the brain where it is useful. Other than that there is no use for it BUT to mix it with natural oils and lotions and hair conditioner. My hair and skin soaked it up sooooo lovely. Its THE perfect oil to mix with hair conditioner. Try it. Almond oil goes hard to for after washing.

  6. Cannabis has never been a painkiller, and 'long term' i guarantee will fuck your mind right up.
    Ms sufferers and extreme cases of arthritus (that excludes most) i feel should be given the option for cannabis prescriptions in whatever form, all other people no way.
    If you're in pain…it's painkillers unfortunately.

  7. Question about supplements , how do you know that a protine powder is legit ( good quality ) I have always been stand offish about buying them because of them not being regulated and everyone having their own product. I know you have your own product that is high quality and you support. But for the people that can't afford a 50$ protein powder is there anything you would recommend or would you say that if they can't afford that price that it would be better not to buy any since the less expensive ones are probably not beneficial enough to buy. Maybe you could make a video about which supplements are worth it and which are BS.

  8. Fyi if you really want a product we make a Full Spectrum Salve and Pain Stick that will NOT pass the Blood Brain Barrier clean Organic Medicine that's been used for years on patients from broken Backs to Sciatic Nerve issues the whole 9 yards one of the best on the black market. 1Luv

  9. Cbd is Ok for some things. But a true Full spectrum Oil or Flower is by far superior to a single cannabinoid. People need to get off the Single Cannabinoid Hype train and Focus on the true therapeutic values of Cannabis Medicine as a Full Plant extract. The entourage effect also known as the Ensemble effect is extremely critical when looking at cannabis for medicine. Let's be real here 95% of these companies are here to make a quick $$$ off gullible uneducated cannabis consumers. It's sad and ruining us farmers and producers who are actually knowledgeable in cannabis medicine!!! 1Luv

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