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  2. To counteract aloe's hypokalemic side effect, take some potassium bicarbonate and/or drink a lot of leafy green juices. But don't over do the potassium bicarbonate because hyperkalemia is just a dangerous.

  3. They've found aloe can be bad if you don't remove the yellow latex substance that coats the outside of the clear aloe tissue. I imagine that's what caused these pottasium and liver issues as people don't realise and most aloe products don't take time to remove it. Grow your own plants 🙂

  4. Hi! I remember Dr. Greger mentioning, in one of his Q&A videos from last year, 2 or 3 good books about vegan pregnancies and raising vegan children. I forget what books/authors they were and find myself pregnant now! I’ll take any suggestions he might have.. thank you!!

  5. Sooo im intrigue by this research Im from a latin so natural remedies are something of the daily basis. So my aunt has colitis and diverticulitis and she was recommended a similar remedy that contains honey and tequila(alcohol) and she has being doing super good ever since. So this made me question is the aloe the one working on here?? I guess is really hard to known having so many variables but when you are really sick anything is worth trying..

  6. Hi, Dr. Greger in this old video of yours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3uJxZKwuRQ , there are some issues not addressed about Alkaline water.

    What about the ionization of water (negative ions) and the micro-clustering of water molecules particularly in the Kangen water machines(Japanese)?
    You solely talked about alkalinity in this video. However, the negative ions or anti-oxidants properties were not addressed.

  7. Dr. Greger can you do a day in a life so we can see the typical life style one should seek to live long and healthy, e.g how you fit your daily dozen in your meals, when you eat, when to exercise and how much and when to sleep. Ty in advance

  8. Ah! Please no graphic images like eye tumors. The words are enough, like when saying "heart surgery" showing a gory picture of that wouldn't be necessary or add anything. General audiences don't have the stomach that those in the medical field do. The sight of raw health problems, surgery, and the like can be nauseating. Thanks.

  9. I truly believe Aloe can cure cancer but of course, it's not just aloe alone, it's aloe and other things.

    Chrisbeatscancer said he drank aloe drink everday to cure his cancer along with eating raw vegan foods and juicing daily.

  10. I think aloe arboresense is more potent than aloe vera . The first one is more bitter . The formula in the study was succesfully used by the priest Padre Zagro to cure his cancer patients .

  11. 4:24 – utterly confused

    Aloe was given…..

    "every day without interruption, either during or after chemotherapy, until the progression of disease, starting 6 days prior to the onset of chemotherapy"

    I have stared at that sentence for a while now

    Can anyone explain it a bit better than it is written ?

  12. For people who are confused on the verdict: The authors of the studies conclude their evidence is sound but Dr. Greger points out the science is not that strong because there's no placebo group, so if you really want to try aloe just in case, take note of all the harmful side effects first.

  13. Does the aloe block new blood vessel growth (a typical cancer strategy to get access to more glucose)? It seems like it helps starve the cancer which reduces it's ability to grow and makes it weaker. Which then increases the chances of the imune system to kill the cancer.

    In the eye example, growing blood vessels is the only way for the cancer to get access to more glucose. So it's a very specific case where this treatment would have a very high chance of success.

  14. In that case don't we have to ask if it was the aloe or the honey or a combination because honey also has great anti bacterial anti microbial exedra exedra properties and from what I understand the healing power was used during World War II on wounds to aid in healing. Being vegan I hope it's just the aloe but scientifically don't we need to check

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