1. Did you sell the few hours it was at the high 9s or are you down 10 percent from there? It’s funny how everyone has something to stay when stocks go up and not when they go down. Will you make a video if it drops under 7 bucks? Btw bottom was 6.50 maybe less

  2. Easy Rich. I’ve bought another chunk. Of ACB. 910 CAD 💪🏼 BUY IN.THE RED and all that !! Even. Tho I ain’t selling for 3/5 years. Let’s go champ. Nice new hair cut looking playboy fresh. 👍🏻🥃

  3. Rich is the man. You were always talking about Aurora. You deserve it brother. Im still down on namaste but it will go up. Im in sproutly, namaste, supreme, blissco, and mpx.

  4. enjoy your trip bro you deserve it 🙂 i got in at ACB at $10.30 i know im an idiot , was back in sept, my very 1st stock i bought, i didnt know lol i was new to the market, so now i hold ACB till it hits $14 enjoy man, got 8 inches of snow on its way here sat lol

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