Alcohol-free cocktails are gaining popularity – but don’t call them mocktails

Many people are choosing to skip alcohol this month as part of a growing health trend dubbed “dry January.” It comes as more and more restaurants and bars …


  1. goes to show, people with money will spend it on just about anything. just stupid. you're an idiot sir. why would a soda water cost $16? what's those rare ingredients sir? water? ugh. they're robbing people and people don't care. I can't even watch the damn video.

  2. I hate ppl like these owners. You're only able to get away with BS superficial crap like this only in liberal NYC or LA. Go to the mid west and do this with great success and then you can impress me.

  3. Advice to those who feel pressured to drink alcohol. No one knows what is in your drink and alcohol has killed many people, so, not drinking alcohol is a very good choice. You can get less expensive drinks and no one needs to know what is in it. Peer pressure can be deadly. So, make good choices and stay healthy.

  4. If Americans put more value on health and wellness why are we so friggin FAT? If I'm paying $16.00 to enjoy that cocktail experience without the alcohol I'll stick with seltzer and lime. Even that gets expensive in some restaurants.

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