Ever thought about doing a hard dry fast? Well here is my experience of my first 5 day hard dry fast. While I completed this for health purposes, I lost 14.6 pounds …


  1. Crazy how many ignorant people are in these comments. Dry fasting is NOT for everyone and the people who do it successfully have prepared for it, done thorough research and listened to their bodies throughout the process.
    If you’ve never done any kind of fasting, if you eat a lot of carbs, if you don’t know much about nutrition (not just macronutrients), and/or if you have any serious health conditions that require medication, dry fasting is a BAD idea for you without proper preparation and guidance from a health professional.

    But props to you for doing this and sharing your experience in spite of some of the rude and ignorant comments you knew you’d get. 👏🏽Sending you good vibes

  2. You know that the dislikes are from you not drinking water or even washing your body, right? It‘s not about fasting which is a pretty normal thing to do and an important ritual in most religions. Not drinking water though is just stupid.

  3. Your pee gets darker because the substances are more concentrated not because your kidneys filter out more toxins -.- It‘s the same amount or probably less but your kidneys have to manage it with less water. This can cause kidney stones or even kidney failure.

  4. I was always told :
    3 mins without air or
    3 days without water or
    3 weeks without food or
    = death. This is starving.
    Why wouldn't you still be in Keto still drinking water? I dont know? This is controversial!

  5. This is ridiculous, horrible, deplorable. Stop promoting eating disorders and normalizing body dysmorphia when so many people out there are fighting for their lives. FAKE NEWS.

  6. A lot of these comments are stupid keep following your local drug dealing doctors and there so called science.. they treat fucking symptoms and diagnose humans have fasted for 1000s of years !! Also understand this, look around you everyone is fat and dying with cancer or heart disease or diabetes, why is that? Same mfs listening to the damn doctors

  7. Got a ?. I did a 72 dry fast, but I have to wash my hands at work (I can't let them see me not). like 5x cuz I hardly had to go. Is it still soft lol Oh… what was your high weight when you 1st began all this?

  8. Your body will produce water as needed through autophagy – killing weak or old cells, or disease cells. And this water is absolutely pure. The only time it's dangerous is if you have kidney damage or diabetes insipidous (different than type I).

  9. I reel like at a point i'd cry and then it won't be a water fast anymore! 😭😂 But girl you strong!! I remember doing a 24 hr one. The healing feeling is the real dealing ❣

  10. i do intermittent fasting dry fasting not by choice because i am a busy nurse…dry fasting is very dangerous. if you are not already healthy…don't be afraid not to succeed..and don't do this alone..

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