The Truth about ´Vitamin´ B-17 Separating B-17 Myth From Reality Amygdalin or laetrile? B-17 as a cancer ´cure´ is one of the most controversial subjects in …


  1. I really love your channel. The nightly broadcast is the best. There's a plethora of information and your humor and energy are addicting. I was eating an apple the other day and wondering if the core had any benefits. Then I thought "an apple a day helps keeps the doctor away" haha Rock on Diamond!

  2. I have been taking Cold.pressed apricot oil 5ml.mornings and evenings. After a few weeks of adjusting to it, i started on ground Kernel 2.5ml midday bumping up my overall dosage.
    Now…. The ground kernel, i put the 2.5 ml into my coffee.
    Question 1/ am i having enough? Too much?
    Question 2/ is it okay to drink it after its been heated? I did notice it smells much more of almond essence after heated.
    Question 3/ could heat it like that diminish its beneficial effect?

  3. It's a myth. Pure Quackery. You have to be very naive to believe B -17 cures Cancer. Doctors get Cancer just like the rest of us. Children of Doctors get Cancer. And you want me to believe they wouldn't try ever method known to man to cure them? It's nothing but Snake Oil.

  4. I have eaten inside the seed of a nectarine and it was bitter enough. It gave my esophagus a mild sting and strong numbing sensation all the way down . Felt it for several minutes thought I'd killed myself for a moment. LOL

  5. not sure if you follow Natural News dot com … if so interested in your views… ALSO… I'd like to suggest you check out as a platform to "complement" Facebook for the time being… a social platform to spread your message both in the solar science area as well as the permaculture and natural health arenas… I can "share", but you being there as yourself is better…

  6. Laetrile
    Say Lay uh Trill
    Apricot seeds work best I understand. My Brother (in the late 70's early 80's) had terminal cancer. They told my parents to let him die, or test new drugs, and then die.
    We went another direction and took Laetrile, illegally, and beat his melanoma type cancer. His back looks like a shotgun test area, but he lives,

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