Unravelling India’s Northeast Drug Route | Ep. 3

In the tribal hills of Manipur, there is no industry, no commercial centres and no infrastructure to support an agro-economy. For local farmers, cultivating drugs …


  1. Really heartbroken after listening from the guys…northeast is very beautiful and people are down to earth….corruption is ruinning northeast and whole India….

  2. Stop blaming only the state govt. the central govt has also some task to be done up their sleeves .. And don’t be emotionally blind Mary Kom is also a tribe and see how hard work pays off. Haha great idea blame the govt n make quick money 💰.

  3. The MA completed Opium Farmer spoke better English than the SDPO in other episode!! It's always a sad state of affairs, where many of us are deprived of basic amenities and many life are forced to pick up many unwanted way to survive. Nobody wants to be alone in far cut off forest and grow Opium. Survival is the story!
    I travel so many states of India, and believe me the remotest village of India is well connected with good roads, but come North East you will puke ur guts out once u r a kilometer away from the city.
    Roads, connectivities, electricity and all basic amenities are still deprived and we re talking Swach Bharat and other secondary projects!! Pls accomplish the basic primary projects first.

  4. who said Imphal is a non tribal area. . u dumb shit don't just say it like that…. Manipur including Imphal the capital is dominated by two main tribes the MEITEI and the BISHNUPURI . . so shut the fuck up !!

  5. i am from manipur… police are trying their best to prevent this.. but army won't really help u know…since this farms are protected by militants and army have either SOO or ceasefire agreement..so army can't move there

  6. Legalization is the best way to support the tribe and boost the nation income… 700rs per kg…. In streets its around 10k so mafia is making money… So government should think about it profit to nation it is important for our nation…. Usa legalised it… Thn canada many more… India only thing about other non senses things like banning porn…. So i think india should make weed legal for medical and recreation use…. If u agree like the comment 👍👍

  7. Alcohol and tobacco cause cancer and kills millions how many people killed by weed developed country like Canada can legalize it and btw we forced by us to ban weed but us don't ban wed.

  8. this is hilarious condition of india's tribals ..
    punjab is same .. i think..
    education cities like KOTA rajasthan is almost same.
    all is crupt governance..
    don't vote bjp congress
    and their leaders in other parties

  9. the ManiPuri youths are so educated and sorted out…it is very very unfortunate that they are bound to be involved in these drug farming….hope the blind govt is watching this…hope they wake now..sad

  10. Man! Can I get any employment opportunity there…this is going to be a booming industry…
    Also to the people shown in the video…mad respect guys…it's not u but the govt which failed u…also don't feel bad…India is receiving so much drugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan anually…better we shd go make in India…it's also an industry afterall..

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