Unravelling India’s Northeast Drug Route | Ep. 1

Last year, the Chase team travelled to Manipur and Nagaland to make a film on Northeast India’s booming drug trade. We were told that thousands of kilos of …


  1. I, being from a small town of Karbi Anglong, Assam, have been witness to many of the things shown in the video. The golden triangle, is roughly the main; if not only supplier of highly sophisticated arms (guns and explosives) to the militant groups of our region. The situation inside here, isn't detectable by foreign eyes that much as it isn't looked upon as a social issue 🙂

    Hope to see some advancements here 🙂

  2. And ever wonder where all those seize drugs goes to… Well there is huge corruption and i have seen everything very closely. The message they are giving is nothing infront of what i have seen and what i know

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