Episode 4 “Rattlesnake Tale” we take you into further into the garden with more growing techniques while nature is all around us…one of natures deadliest the …


  1. Texas here to support you farmers! I pray for the day we can grow delicious ganja in the free sun… its beautiful guys. Underground growers in states where you can still be arrested for cannabis cultivation.. God bless you guys, bleezy, olde, mark, trees looking good.

  2. had to stop it 3 mins in because that guy yall are farming with mumbles . why film him when you cant hear what hes saying . even with the speakers all the way up on my radio . cant hear that guy tell him to stop mumbling or don't film him

  3. Something that would make the pump sprayer that much better? A recirculating pump inside tank. Most organic pesti and fungicide. Fall out of solution easily. Especially the oils. It works. Top of the day

  4. This is inspiring. I've been following your grows for the last 4 years and you don't cease to amaze me.
    I have been guerilla growing successfully in England for a few years and just moved south, as the weather up there doesn't allow for 🌲.
    I am looking to replicate your work in Europe real soon. Look me up in a year or two and filll with pride!
    My mentors 🔥🔥🔥
    Roll on 2019 ☮️
    Oh, your music is so much cooler these days 😎. Great to see you grow there too, peace brothers

  5. English is not my mother language but I can understand practically whole of it, but I got some doubts about what are they talking in 22:00 to 23:00 about the burn leaves, because he mentions something like "plant therapy coat", so I would like to know more of it.

    Also you spraying them just with plain water?


  6. It’s shaping up to be a huge CROPTOBER this year guys&by the sounds of it the Tropical SleighRide is going to be the 🔥🔥..already anxious as to see what next weeks got for us

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