Smokefree ‘Health Harms’ – Impact of smoking vs vaping demonstration

In this short film leading smoking researcher Dr Lion Shahab and Dr Rosemary Leonard carry out a demonstration to visually illustrate the impact of smoking vs …


  1. I'm so glad a reputable source has done this study and can spread the word. Plenty of Youtubers have done it already, but hopefully this is the info we need in the U.S. to focus on vaping as a cessation tool and not the "teen epidemic".

  2. I wish we here in Germany would be so clear about E-Cigarettes like you experts in UK. I wanna share a short Snippet of my Story too.

    I used to be Smoker for 17 years. I started smoking in the age of 15 (what a horrible idea, really!) and yeah, became addicted very quickly.

    In the age of 21 I came into a hospital, diagnosed with a Pneumothorax. It was very serious. The doctors told me that it was most likely caused by all these cigarettes I smoked.

    At the Age of 25 I came into a hospital, diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. The doctors told me that it could be caused by all these cigarettes I smoked. Things were difficult, I almost died that time in Hospital.

    In 2016 my Mum died because of cancer, doctors said it was caused most likely because of her 40 years career as a smoker. It took 8 short weeks between diagnosis and death. In that time my uncle died just a couple of days before too, because of small lung cancer, strong smoker as well.

    That really made me thinking. All these things are warning signs. You need to stop smoking. I tried desperately to stop just trying abstinence, after 7 weeks I smoked just one cigarette cause I wasn't able to take it anymore. And I was trapped again. Even worse than before, I almost smoked one Cigarette after another, about 30-40 a day!

    Then, in June 2018 I gave the E-Cigarette a serious try. I'm not kidding when I say I never believed in that Hype of the E-Cigarette that time but it's a fact that I stopped smoking from one day to another. I never seriously thought about smoking ever again. Started with 12mg Nicotine / 10ml, right now I'm down to 3mg.

    I feel much, much better since I started vaping and I know that I won't touch a regular tobacco cigarette in my life ever again.

    As time goes on, I'm more and more hopeful that this is my Exit out of this bad habit, my safe harbor.

    Thank you Public Health of England for your position on this matter, we German Vapers love you for this and you give Millions of people faith and hope with your studies. Keep it on!

  3. I used to smoke 2 packs a day. I got COPD, I had oxygen tanks at home, lots of inhalers and meds. Five years ago I started vaping, and within a month I wasn't smoking. My lungs are clear now. No oxygen. No inhalers. No breathing treatments. No more meds. I don't understand all the outcry about teens trying vaping. Where were all these people when all the teen had was cigarettes? These parents should be thanking their lucky stars if all their teens do is try vaping. Why aren't cigarettes illegal?

  4. I think this is the best anti-smoking v vaping I have ever seen, I am a smoker but with the help of e-cigarettes have cut down dramatically in just a few months from 40 to 10 a day, I seem to be stuck at this point now so I am considering trying vaping as I have heard it is more successful,
    I have previously tried all the other usual methods which had no effect on me I think maybe because I am a menthol only smoker & despite trying to use menthol sweets with patches etc I have found it seems to be the menthol in smoking I am craving the most,
    So I wondered is there any particular reason for this ? is there something different in the menthol tips for instance that makes that addiction stronger ?

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